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The Malaysian company Advansia and their clients visited Tradecorp factories

Tradecorp’s Spanish factories received a special visit by the Malaysian company Advansia and their clients this past month.

Tradecorp will exhibit at Potato Europe 2019

The 4th and 5th of September Tradecorp will be present at the annual Potato Europe convention in Tournai, Belgium.

Australian Ambassador visits Tradecorps Factory in Ireland

This July the Australian Ambassador, Richard Andrews, and his wife, Saovanee Andrews visited the OGT factory in Ireland to see where OGT, a Tradecorp subsidiary, combines its innovative technology and experience to create the Phylgreen range.

Dhanashree, Tradecorp’s distributor in India, visits Spanish factories

Tradecorp received 17 Indian clients this past month from the company Dhanashree.

Tradecorp attends the Maharashtra Grapes Congress in India

Tradecorp will be present from the 3rd – 5th of August at the annual Maharashtra Grape convention in the city of Pune, Maharashtra, located in India.

Tradecorp exhibits at the Aneberries fair in Mexico

Tradecorp will be present at the Aneberries fair from the 31st of July to the 2nd of August in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Adjustar: The New Range to Revolutionize the Adjuvant Market

What is an adjuvant? How do they work? Adjuvant is a product that optimizes the efficacy of another, mainly; herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, and ultimately reduces limiting factors during spraying of Crop Protection (CP) products.

Final K: Higher absorption, higher yield, and higher profitability

Many Potassium fertiliser formulations dry quickly and leave unabsorbed Potassium on the leaf. Not Final K!

Visit Tradecorp at the Intagri Congress in Mexico

From the 10th – 12th of July, Tradecorp’s technical representatives will be present at the Intagri Congress.

How will biostimulants fit the global tendency of producing more with less resources? Carlos Repiso, Biostimulants R&D Coordinator answers

We spoke with Carlos Repiso, Biostimulant R&D Coordinator at Tradecorp, about Biostimulation 360, abiotic stress and the scientific research developed by Tradecorp in collaboration with international universities to gain a better understanding about biostimulant’s mode of action.