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Tradecorp joins PYFANO in the fight against child cancer

Tradecorp collaborates with PYFANO (Parents, Relatives, and Friends of Oncology Children of Castilla y León) at the organization’s third annual charity dinner. This event was held in order to raise funds for the fight against child cancer.

We are proud to present our new video platform: Tradecorp TV!

We are excited to announce the launch of the Tradecorp TV website. This new platform gathers videos from every Tradecorp YouTube channel from around the globe.

New Seed Sprint H5 video

Tradecorp’s latest video explains the ins and outs of Seed Sprint H5.

Tradecorp will be present at the Novi Sad Agricultural International Fair

Tradecorp, in partnership with Tradeagro, its Serbian national distributor, will attend the 86th Novi Sad Agricultural International Fair 2019. From May 11-17, come to visit us at stand E7 inside the Spanish Pavillion, where our experts will explain the new concept, Biostimulation 360º, by Tradecorp.

Global Compact: Tradecop’s Communication on Progress 2018 is now available!

Once again, we would like to present our Communication on Progress 2018.

Tradecorp presents Primactive, an exclusive technology that takes priming effect to the maximum level

Primactive is the result of Tradecorp’s investment in research and the constant improvement of its manufacturing process.

Tradecorp Europe team welcomes a new member for the Baltic Countries!

Irma Dovidaviciene has joined Tradecorp Europe team as the new Baltic Countries Manager.

Tradecorp releases new foliar application technology allowing a high affinity with the plant cuticle

Camila Levy, R&D Agronomical Manager at Tradecorp, will be giving a speech at New Ag Dublin, this March, where she will explain the key concepts of this technology.

Carlos Repiso now heads EBIC’s Agricultural Committee (AgCom)

The EBIC board appointed Carlos Repiso, Biostimulation R&D Coordinator at Tradecorp, to head the Agricultural Committee (AgCom) recently.

Tradecorp will be at New Ag International, Ireland!

Visit Tradecorp at the New Ag exhibition in Dublin, Ireland. Stop by from the 27th-29th of March, located at the Citywest Hotel and Convention Center.