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Final K: Higher absorption, higher yield, and higher profitability

Many Potassium fertiliser formulations dry quickly and leave unabsorbed Potassium on the leaf. Not Final K!

Visit Tradecorp at the Intagri Congress in Mexico

From the 10th – 12th of July, Tradecorp’s technical representatives will be present at the Intagri Congress.

How will biostimulants fit the global tendency of producing more with less resources? Carlos Repiso, Biostimulants R&D Coordinator answers

We spoke with Carlos Repiso, Biostimulant R&D Coordinator at Tradecorp, about Biostimulation 360, abiotic stress and the scientific research developed by Tradecorp in collaboration with international universities to gain a better understanding about biostimulant’s mode of action.

Tradecorp registers Phylgreen for the French market

Tradecorp strives to improve the quality, efficiency and yield of crops. That’s why we always try to develop the right solutions for producers and farmers.

Prevent and combat heat stress with Tradecorp Biostimulants!

In optimal weather conditions, plants generate energy and reach their maximum production capacity, thanks to moderate temperatures and a proper water availability.

Tradecorp launches new website in Russian

We are proud to announce that Tradecorp has officially launched its new Russian website, bringing the ease of the corporate web page to the local market of all Russian-speaking countries.

Tradecorp presents IsliFe 8.2 in Mexico!

Tradecorp is excited to announce the presentation of IsliFe 8.2 in Mexico. IsliFe 8.2 is the first biodegradable iron chelate that is stable under alkalinity conditions.

Tradecorp Italia incorporated Antonio Nacca, new Technical and Sales Coordinator

Antonio Nacca has joined the Tradecorp Italian team as Technical and Sales Coordinator for the regions of Campania, Lazio and Calabria.

Ecocert approves over 50 Tradecorp products for organic agriculture in 2019

More than ever, there is a market trend steering towards products and solutions that are organic, and environmentally friendly.

Tradecorp joins PYFANO in the fight against child cancer

Tradecorp collaborates with PYFANO (Parents, Relatives, and Friends of Oncology Children of Castilla y León) at the organization’s third annual charity dinner. This event was held in order to raise funds for the fight against child cancer.