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Interview with the CEO of Sapec Agro Business, Eric van Innis

Eric van Innis, CEO of Sapec Agro Business, was recently interviewed by Agropages. Our CEO spoke in detail about the company´s expansion in growing markets, along with current problems the market is facing.

Tradecorp presents IsliFe 8.2, at Expo Agrofuturo 2018 (Bogota, Colombia)

Over the month of August, Tradecorp was present at Expo Agrofuturo 2018 in Bogota, (Colombia), where we presented our latest innovation, IsliFe 8.2.

Tradecorp offers Dynamic Demonstrations and Innovation at Potato Europe 2018

The 13th edition of Potato Europe takes place on 12th and 13th September 2018 in Germany, at the Rittergut Bockerode Estate near Hanover in the heart of Germany’s potato stronghold.

Tradecorp, sponsors of the XXV National Potato Days (Bonin, Poland)

The National Potato Days is an annual meeting of all people associated with the Polish potato industry and organised by The Potato Institute. This year’s meeting is a special one as it is its 25th anniversary and will take place 25th and 26th August in Bonin.

Don’t miss out on the interview of Agropages with Nicolas Lindemann about the future of the biostimulant industry!

Nicolas Lindemann, Tradecorp’s Executive Director, chatted with Agropages about his views on the biostimulant industry, development trends and the future of the biostimulant market in China. Don’t miss out on his interview!

Irene Sobrado, European Regulatory Affairs Manager in Tradecorp, appointed as the new leader of the Inorganic Substances Task Force (TFIO) in EBIC

As the new appointee to chair the Inorganic Substances Task Force, Irene Sobrado will work to secure an appropriate European legal framework for inorganic plant biostimulant products, principally with phosphites.

José Nolasco, Strategy and Innovation director at Tradecorp: “IsliFe 8.2 is the answer to the need of the agricultural sector to have efficient solutions with low environmental impact”

Today we are talking with José Nolasco, Strategy and Innovation director at Tradecorp, in relation to the presentation of IsliFe 8.2, Tradecorp’s new biodegradable chelate.

Tradecorp will present IsliFe 8.2, the first highly efficient iron chelate with progressive biodegradability, at IsliFe Innovation Forum

In the IsliFe Innovation Forum, Tradecorp will present IsliFe 8.2, its new solution to correct and prevent iron deficiencies, even under unfavorable conditions; such as calcareous and alkaline soils, as well as extreme pH ranges.

Tradecorp / Sapec Agro Business acquires French company SDP, entering the adjuvant sector and strengthening its position in specialty crop nutrition across various markets

Sapec Agro Business announces the acquisition of French company SDP, through its subsidiary Tradecorp.

Antoni Nowosad, new Sales Delegate for South-West Poland

June 1st, Antoni Nowosad joined Tradecorp as its new South-West Sales Delegate for the company’s division in Poland.