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REACH regulates the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals in order to guarantee a high level of human health protection, the protection of the environment and the free circulation of substances within the internal European market.

The presentation of registration files is the main implementation task of REACH for which there are three key dates, in accordance with the tonnage of goods manufactured and imported:

  • 2010 ( >1000 Tons/year)
  • 2013 ( >100 Tons/year)
  • 2018 ( >1 Tons/year)

When the regulation was put into action in June 2007, Tradecorp began to prepare itself. Since then, the Tradecorp’s REACH team has accumulated a great deal of experience which has helped us to achieve the first two objectives of the time table successfully: the obligatory registrations for 2010 and 2013. Tradecorp has satisfactorily presented a total of 12 registration dossiers.

The next registration deadline will be in 2018. Over these coming years, Tradecorp’s REACH team will continue to apply the regulation exhaustively and we are, therefore, certain that we will successfully achieve the targets of this period.

However, besides the obligatory registrations, we have integrated in Tradecorp the REACH standards into the development of our processes in such a way as to guarantee the continuity of our products in the market with the highest quality and respect for the environment.