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Prevent and combat heat stress with Tradecorp Biostimulants!

In optimal weather conditions, plants generate energy and reach their maximum production capacity, thanks to moderate temperatures and a proper water availability.

Annals of Applied Biology published biostimulation research

After several years of research in collaboration with Queen’s University of Belfast (United Kingdom) to analyze the performance and mode of action of different kinds of biostimulants, the first paper has been published.

Biostimulation 360º, a new biostimulation concept to efficiently overcome abiotic stress

Tradecorp recently presented Biostimulation 360º, a new concept to promote the correct approach towards different kinds of abiotic stresses.

When climate still fights against us and best farm management practices have not been enough: L-α Amino Acids

Improving soil structure and promoting the plants ability to resist drought stress increases the ability of agriculture to push back against drought and desertification helping ensure critical food supplies.

José Nolasco, director of Marketing and R&D of Tradecorp, at Crops & Chemicals Europe in Berlin

José Nolasco, director of Marketing and R&D of Tradecorp, and Dr. Thomas Fleming, postdoctoral research at the Biosciences Institute for Global Food Security at Queen’s University Belfast, will present the results of the research about the amino acid application to the Arabidopsis thaliana in drought conditions.

Tradecorp to attend DLG-Feldtage, Germany

From 14 to 16  June, Tradecorp will attend the DLG-Feldtage, which will be held in Gut Mariaburghausen in Haßfurt, Germany. The fair brings together 300 exhibitors from throughout Germany and neighbouring countries and serves as a meeting point for experts in crop production. 

New Delfan Plus video!

Delfan Plus is an organic liquid nitrogen fertiliser designed for the nitrogen nutrition of plants, particularly in the case of abiotic stress.