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Biostimulant 360 synergy with Plant Protection Products (PPP) in Abiotic Stress Management

Responsible use of Plant Protection Products (PPP) in agriculture allows growers to feed a global population of almost 8 billion people. While PPP are very effective in protecting the crop against Biotic Stresses such as pests and diseases, PPP can have an unwanted effect of creating an Abiotic Stress on the crop itself.

Effects of abiotic stresses caused by PPP

Unmanaged these Abiotic Stresses reduce the maximum potential yield of the crop. An example of PPP related Abiotic Stresses are temporary decreases in photosynthetic activity – a recent scientific paper1 found that almost half of the PPP tested caused unintended reductions in photosynthesis. Some PPP reduced photosynthesis immediately and had a short severe effect, while other PPP reduced photosynthesis for >5 days.

Other examples of Abiotic Stress from PPP are increased plant stress chemicals such as free radicals or reactive oxygen species (ROS) that cause premature cell aging2. The result of these varied PPP Abiotic Stresses is a slowdown in the crops metabolism and growth.

Biostimulation 360: the perfect synergy for PPP

Through its Biostimulation 360 product options, Tradecorp offers a range of Biostimulants that can be used before, tankmixed and used with, or applied after PPP applications. Biostimulation 360 products help minimise or eliminate these PPP related Abiotic Stresses enhancing plant metabolism and boosting growth.

Tradecorp offer different Biostimulation 360 products to match different agronomic and management needs for example:

  • Delfan Range products can be used to resist stress from the current spray cycle
  • Delfan and Aton Range products can be used to help recover the crop after a harsh PPP cycle

Other Biostimulant 360 options include the Phylgreen Range of products that are excellent in helping to manage environmental Abiotic Stress when applied pre-emptively.

Tradecorp’s Biostimulant 360 product options allow growers to choose the most appropriate Biostimulant to partner with almost any PPP program. This gives growers the flexibility to pursue their optimum PPP program while simultaneously managing related Abiotic Stress to help their crop reach its maximum potential yield and profitability.

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