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» News » Biotool, Tradecorp’s innovative research project latest updates

Biotool, Tradecorp’s innovative research project latest updates

Global R&D and Chemical Development departments received the visit of the Technical Auditor of CDTI and the consultants for the follow-up and justification of the activities of the 2nd milestone of BIOTOOL. 


BIOTOOL is an innovative research project developed by Tradecorp International and Italian research centre Landlab, supported by Eurostars programme. The BIOTOOL platform is a tool design to the effect of biostimulants on plants and improve crop yields through efficient water use, by measuring, calculating, and evaluating in real-time and under experimental conditions, the status of plants in suboptimal conditions of water application.

In this occasion, the CDTI auditor was able to see Tradecorp’s facilities (laboratories, scale-up and industrial) to review the physical-chemical status of the biostimulant prototypes develop in this project, which were validated with the BIOTOOL platform in greenhouse conditions. Additionally, it was reviewed the main results of Tradecorp’s activities at the UPM Greenhouse, mainly for the Primactive effect; and the results obtained directly from the BIOTOOL platform in Landlab’s facilities. So far, the preliminary results evidence that the same prototypes which performed well in the BIOTOOL platform follow similar trends for the results obtained in our Greenhouse. Next steps include to evaluate the performance of the new range of BIOTOOL biostimulants with Curactive effect. 

Currently, BIOTOOL biostimulant prototypes are being tested in field conditions in Brazil, and will soon start in several locations in Spain. The crops selected to study plant behaviour under drought or water limitant conditions are Maize, Beans and Table Grapes. 

Last, but not least, we are happy to announce that the BIOTOOL project is the finalist to the nomination of “Innovative Research Project of The Year” for the World BioProtection Awards 2022, a British non-profit organisation that encourages collaboration between the Agri-Tech industry and academia sectors. The ceremony will take place in a few days in Birmingham, UK. Let’s have the best wishes!” 

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