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Jayne Davis: “I am not convinced in my area of research there are less females choosing to take their career in this direction.”

We spoke to Jayne Davis, works as a Postdoctoral research fellow in the Plant and crop science department at the University of Nottingham.

Could any of these 3 mistakes during the flowering stage be reducing your profitability?

Flowering is a brief but decisive period when it comes to defining the season’s yield potential. To maximise production, one must take the utmost care to ensure that flowering reaches its full potential.

Rovensa with support of DuPont Sustainable Solutions launches project ‘STAR’ to deliver a step change in Safety and Risk Management, leading to a much stronger protection of people, assets and sustainable business

Project will focus on leadership, culture, governance, workplace and process safety management.

Water: a priceless commodity

22 March is World Water Day. This day was created to raise awareness of the need to make the most of water resources and highlight their importance in poverty reduction, economic growth and environmental sustainability.

Victoria Fernández: “Fortunately, I see more and more female agricultural engineers working as specialists in international companies, which was unusual when I started out in my career”. 

We spoke to Victoria Fernández, Professor at the School of Forestry of the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Tradecorp opens its first office in India

2021 will be a new year by all means. The constant success of Tradecorp in India over the past years has notoriously shown how the country’s tremendous potential and the need for the quality nutrition that we offer.

Tradecorp “Team Germany”: a new structure for a closer service!

In the past few months, we have significantly restructured our sales team in Germany and Austria, in order to strengthen Tradecorp’s position in these countries.

Rossella Bortolaso: “Scientific and technical careers are mainly associated with men…This has changed and is changing”

We spoke to Rossella Bortolaso, Area Manager for Plant Protection and Biocontrol at Landlab

Tradecorp sponsors the 1st International Specialisation Course on the use of microorganisms applied to agriculture  

Tradecorp sponsors the “1st International Specialisation Course on the use of microorganisms applied to agriculture“, organised by the agricultural audiovisual content platform Agromunity.

Tackling obesity, a healthy diet saves lives 

Today, 4 March, is World Obesity Day, a day in which we can join forces to bring awareness and help combat this progressive disease, whose prevalence has rocketed in recent decades.