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Camila Levy, R&D Manager, speaks about the collaborative research projects between Tradecorp and Landlab

Tradecorp recently released an infrared timelapse video that shows the “invisible” abiotic stresses caused by drought. This video was the result of a long standing collaboration between Tradecorp and Landlab, a leading Italian agricultural research centre.

Drought stress affects plants earlier than you think. Watch it on this new infrared timelapse video !

Primactive effect can delay or even eliminate negative abiotic stresses that crops are exposed to during the normal crop cycle…but in reality, this is not the case.

Global Technical Manager Dr. Cathal Daynes and Americas Technical Manager Renata Alcaraz support Rodel, Tradecorp’s recent acquisition

Before the implementation of COVID19 travel restrictions, Dr. Daynes and Alcaraz visited Rodel to support and train the Rodel team in Ecuador. They also visited clients and made field visits, in order to better understand agricultural production in Ecuador, along with sharing experiences and knowledge from other countries.

Biostimulant 360 synergy with Plant Protection Products (PPP) in Abiotic Stress Management

Responsible use of Plant Protection Products (PPP) in agriculture allows growers to feed a global population of almost 8 billion people. While PPP are very effective in protecting the crop against Biotic Stresses such as pests and diseases, PPP can have an unwanted effect of creating an Abiotic Stress on the crop itself.

Rovensa expands its Biocontrol business unit by acquiring Grupo Agrotecnología

Idai Nature, the biocontrol business unit of ROVENSA, an international group with innovative solutions for well balanced agriculture, announces the acquisition of Grupo Agrotecnología. Based in Orihuela, Spain, Grupo Agrotecnología is a leading company specialized in biological plant protection solutions with a particular focus on microbial technologies.

Coronavirus alert (Covid-19)

Due to the current situation lived worldwide caused by coronavirus (COVID-19), Tradecorp factories and offices are taking all the precautions to help on the contention of the disease.

Tradecorp Germany onboards new Sales Manager

Tradecorp Germany has recently onboarded Andreas Heine as Sales Manager for Germany and Austria.

How to maximise foliar Potassium uptake in your crop

There is a difference between simply spraying Potassium on your crop and knowing that the Potassium has been actually absorbed into your crop.

Visit Tradecorp at the Argus Added Value Fertilizers Europe 2020!

The 3rd annual Argus Added Value Fertilizers Europe 2020 conference will take place in Amsterdam, Netherlands from February 26th to 28th. The convention will be held at the Hilton Amsterdam. The VIP (Value for Industrial Partners) team will be representing Tradecorp at the exhibition.

Prevent and combat cold stress with Biostimulation 360, by Tradecorp

Plants are continuously exposed to adverse environmental factors during their lifecycle. Cold stress is one of the most important abiotic stresses that can affect the growth and development of crops.