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Dr. Rossall (University of Nottingham) talks about an experiment that demonstrates that phosphites act as potent biostimulants

Tradecorp recently highlighted how Phosphites act as potent Biostimulants by encouraging root development and improving Nitrogen assimilation.

Reduced yield? Solutions do not seem to work? Salinity and sodicity may be the problem!

Did you know that salinity and sodicity are abiotic stresses? While other environmental abiotic stresses such as heat, cold, drought and flooding can be thought of as more “transient” abiotic stresses, salinity and sodicity are what can be thought of as “permanent” abiotic stresses. They are often present from day one of the crop cycle […]

Drought stress affects plants earlier than you think. Watch it on this new infrared timelapse video !

It is a common misconception that the most common effect of drought on plants is wilting…but in reality, this is not the case. Wilted plants are in fact close to death and visible wilting is one of the final signs for drought stress before plant death!!

Biostimulant 360 synergy with Plant Protection Products (PPP) in Abiotic Stress Management

Responsible use of Plant Protection Products (PPP) in agriculture allows growers to feed a global population of almost 8 billion people. While PPP are very effective in protecting the crop against Biotic Stresses such as pests and diseases, PPP can have an unwanted effect of creating an Abiotic Stress on the crop itself.

Interview with Nicolas Lindemann, Tradecorp’s Executive Director

Nicolas Lindemann, Executive Director at Tradecorp, spoke about the increasing importance for biostimulants in the world today, as challenges such as decreasing water quality climate change continue to affect crop output. 

New “Powered by Humifirst” video!

Powered by Humifirst technology is a unique innovation to the problem of loss of fertilizer efficiency.

Watch the benefits of Humifirst in root development in our new timelapse video!

Timelapse video showing the benefits of Humifirst / Humistar in root development shortly after the germination of maize grains compared to a control.

New Trafos video, the Tradecorp range rich in phosphorus and potassium in highly soluble and efficient forms

This range provides positive effects on plant and root development, improving the plant growth and enhancing the yield and fruit quality. In addition, products in Trafos range are enriched with nutrients (Cu, Mg, Mn, B, Mo, Zn, Ca and Si) to guarantee maximum crop quality.

New corporate video: The five pillars of Tradecorp

Tradecorp releases a new corporate video in which the 5 pillars of the company’s success are explained: Innovation & product positioning; Versatile factories; Boots on the ground; Quality & efficiency; Commitment to sustainability. From a local Spanish company to a benchmark in the global chelate, biostimulant and specialty nutrition market. This is the success story […]

Learn more about Phylgreen with our new video

Phylgreen is a liquid biostimulant based on Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract to prevent and guard against stress periods which reduce plant growth and slow crop development.