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» News » Corporate news » Clients from Poland and Germany visit Tradecorp in Spain

Clients from Poland and Germany visit Tradecorp in Spain

Last November, Tradecorp welcomed for the first time new clients from different regions of Germany and Poland in Spain.

Their stay has been a great opportunity to share experiences about Tradecorp products practices and its effect on crops. Through the visit of the liquid production plant in Albacete and the headquarters of Tradecorp in Madrid, the clients learned more about Tradecorp and its organization. They also got training about some products with special focus on Humifirst range, its trial results and its production process in the factory.

More than an educative event, it has been a convivial moment. Throughout this event, the participants met the Tradecorp Spanish team and were accompanied by our local delegates from Poland and Germany. They even shared a memorable moment all together attending a football match in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.