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» News » Product news » Did you know the agricultural seaweeds market is expected to reach 211 KT in 2020?

Did you know the agricultural seaweeds market is expected to reach 211 KT in 2020?

The agricultural seaweeds market is experimenting a remarkable growth and is expected to reach 211 KT in 2020, according to a Markets and Markets research. This means a 82% increase compared to 2014. 

The Phylgreen range is following the same trend, thanks to its unique features:

  • Ascophyllum nodosum seaweeds, which grow in unpolluted water in Ireland and in a stressful environment, the tidal zone (under the water at high tide and exposed at low tide)
  • Sustainable harvesting, ensuring regeneration, and quick transport, keeping seaweeds always fresh
  • Unique Gentle Extraction method: beneficial compounds preserved and available


The result is Phylgreen, a high performance anti-stress solution:

  • Anti-stress compounds unharmed and, thus, the highest concentration in mannitol, polyphenols, alginates, laminarian and fucoidans
  • Natural color and smell of the sea


With proven efficacy

Phylgreen’s high content in anti-stress compounds has proven to be effective in the field. Tradecorp has conducted a big amount of field trials in more than 30 countries in order to test the performance of Phylgreen range in different crops.

In addition, we continue researching on plants’ physiology to achieve the full potential of crops:

  • Collaboration with universities and research centres
  • Research on the activation of genes related to stress relief
  • Development of a new generation of biostimulants


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