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» News » Corporate news » Global Compact: Tradecop’s Communication on Progress 2016 is now available!

Global Compact: Tradecop’s Communication on Progress 2016 is now available!

Once again, this year we present our Communication on Progress for 2016, maintaining the commitment we made when joining the Global Compact. In this report, we explain in detail the main features of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy and describe the main actions that have been carried out and changes that have been made throughout 2016, in relation to the 10 principles found in the Global Compact initiative.

In this year’s Communication on Progress, we have also included how our actions contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, by identifying the SDG each of the actions as well. These goals are meant to hold all companies responsible for promoting qualities that will help fight against inequality, poverty, and climate change.

The main actions carried out in 2016 are the following:

  • New Code of Conduct and Whistle Blowing Channel
  • Global Compact-friendly Purchasing Policy
  • Donations to NGOs and institutions
  • Participation in the project “Seeds to Feed Ethiopia”
  • Analysis of the company’s diversity indicators
  • Human Resources Training Plan
  • Human Resources Program and Ghrowing
  • Study of wages and sector benchmarking
  • Occupational risk analysis
  • Analysis of risk factors in relation to discrimination
  • Development and sales of products for Organic Agriculture
  • Classification of products based on hazardousness
  • Safety data sheets
  • Water use and recycling
  • Actions for the optimisation of energy and reduction of emissions
  • Appropriate waste management
  • Container recycling
  • Protection and restoration of habitats
  • Anti-corruption policy

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