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» News » Corporate news » Happy 2K19! Tradecorp’s year of Potassium

Happy 2K19! Tradecorp’s year of Potassium

Tradecorp wishes you a successful 2K19, Tradecorp’s year of Potassium.

2K19, Tradecorp’s year of Potassium

Potassium is one of the most important elements for plant development, and plays an essential role in the quality of crops and produce. In addition, Potassium’s atomic number in the periodic table is 19. Therefore, in 2019 we want to recognize the key role of this element.

During this year, we will develop a series of actions touching on potassium’s different qualities. By the end of 2K19 you will have learned or remembered interesting information about this nutrient.

K, the key for quality

As previously mentioned, potassium is an essential element to ensure crop quality. Throughout the year, we will learn in depth what the benefits of this element are, including:

  • improved fruit colour, making it more attractive to the consumer
  • an increase in flavour and nutritional value, thanks to its role in the translocation of sugars and nutrients
  • the optimization of enzymatic plant activity
  • improved stomata opening and closing control
  • its ability to increase the thickness and hardness of stems, thanks to its role in the plant lignification process


Tradecorp and Potassium

Worldwide, Tradecorp is known as one of the leading companies in chelate and biostiumlant production along with commercialization. Due to its extensive experience in plant nutrition, Tradecorp is also a leading reference in the Potassium specialties market.

Thanks to decades of research and development, Tradecorp offers high quality potassium specialties that have excellent results, proven in field trials. Final K, Amifol K, Pumma Kalidad and Folivex K are amongst some of them.

  • Discover more about the range of potassium products available for sale in your country on the local Tradecorp website or contact us.
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Tradecorp wishes you a 2K19 filled with high quality crops!