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How to maximise foliar Potassium uptake in your crop

There is a difference between simply spraying Potassium on your crop and knowing that the Potassium has been actually absorbed into your crop.
For example did you know that in many parts of the world the dissolved Calcium and Magnesium ions commonly found in “Hard Water” can react with Potassium fertilisers to create precipitates that can reduce or block the Potassium’s uptake?

Tradecorp’s new video allows for easy visualization of the types of precipitation reactions that can occur in your spray tank between Potassium fertilisers and Hard Water. In the video Tradecorp’s Final K is compared with a competitor product – the same Potassium raw material is used in each, but Tradecorp’s superior quality and product formulation process maximises Potassium uptake into your crop.

It is easy to see in the video that when adding Final K to the water, the special co-formulants used in Final K eliminate and even reverse the precipitation reactions, whereas when the competitor product is added to the water, precipitation reactions immediately become apparent as a white cloud in the water. As a demonstration Final K is then added to the mix of competitor product and water and this reverses the precipitation reaction, highlighting the difference in technology, quality and potential result to your crop and profit of apparently “similar” products. Clearly Final K is the best candidate for a good return on your investment.

It is easy to understand all Potassium products are not the same, but there is even more to Final K….

Did you know that the majority of Potassium fertilisers turn to salt crystals at a relative humidity of about 90%? and of course a crystal is not going to be easily absorbed through the plants leaf? As well as lower absorbability, these easily salted Potassium fertilisers can also cause fruit spotting, plant scorch or can be easily leached off during the next rainfall or irrigation reducing profitability… but not Final K!

As well as precipitation blockers, Tradecorp’s scientists have also designed Final K to stay in liquid solution form for as long as possible – maximising the potential for, and efficiency of, Potassium absorption into your crop. Final K will stay in liquid form when the relative humidity is as low as 50% – a common daily air humidity in many regions. This means that the Final K remains in liquid form until your crop has a chance to absorb all of the Potassium in the Final K maximising your value for money and further differentiating Final K from the competition.

All of Tradecorp’s solutions are designed to delivery maximum quality, efficiency and return on your crop investment. Speak to one of our local representatives about Final K, our other Potassium -the Key for Quality products, or solutions to your other nutritional and biostimulant needs. Tradecorp does not sell products – we sell solutions