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» News » Corporate news » International Day of Women and Girls in Science – Dr. Renata Laure

International Day of Women and Girls in Science – Dr. Renata Laure

As our “International Day of Women and Girls in Science” week has been so successful, we decided to do a bonus day. Today, we recognize Dr. Renata Laure, country manager in the Baltics at Tradecorp.

Dr. Renata Laure holds a doctorate in biomedicine from the Lithuanian Agriculture University in Kaunas (ASU).  She has worked with Tradecorp for over 17 years, starting her career exclusively with UAB Baltic Agro before officially joining the Tradecorp group in 2016.

When you decided to pursue a career in science:

I had never thought to be in science at all, but during my commercial job in the company I soon learned that to be successful in this business, you must combine farming, science, and the commercial sides of business.  In 2000, all of our departments were working quite separately, so we started to combine all three and today it is very normal to see the collaboration.

Best thing about Tradecorp:

As I have worked with Tradecorp for more than 17 years and I am proud to say that with Tradecorp in the Baltics we grew together from the ground up. Our lack of knowledge for how to conduct Tradecorp business with arable crops back in 2000 motivated me and I started studying humics and biostimulants at Lithuanian Agriculture University in Kaunas (ASU). My studies were supervised by professor G. Staugaitis. In 2006, I received a doctorate in Bio-medicine. From 2000 until now we have been working to create new profits for farmers, scientists, and Tradecorp. As all of us are on the same side, we are all working together to grow and find new and profitable solutions to help farmers via science.

I think the most important thing I’ve learned is it is important to have motivation and enough of a thirst for knowledge so help you find new solutions for any situation.

The world in 10 years:

I would like to continue sharing my knowledge with a young generation. Agriculture has changed, even in the past 10 years.  New problems needs new solutions and it is time to re-start some studies, be quicker, and not to forget to leave our experience with the younger generation. Business and science must go together, and it is difficult to see purely commercial people doing short term business.  I am in Tradecorp to practice science and business because I am proud of what I do, and I would like to share my knowledge and help the agriculture world to become more sustainable and safe.

Best agricultural advancement:

Using soil in a sustainable way; we can now restore bad soils and use logical solutions to help farmers work and earn, so that consumers have more safe food and can keep using that soil for the foreseeable future.

I believe Tradecorp has very good products. They are for today and for the future generations – new technologies for soil restoring and safe plant growing.

Something to be proud of:

I was a simple girl from the country side who had a big dreams and no money.  I was very motivated, though, and I started to realize at 20 years old that scientist opportunities were valuable and recognized by farmers and small personal businesses.

Your biggest supporters:

Each period of my life has had mentors who made me into the person I am today.  During my studies in Sweden, the Ahlin family mentored me as I worked as a young farmer.  In university, Professors Gediminas Staugaitis and Irena Pranskietiene advised me.  My first managers at each of my jobs were always eager to help me.  And, of course, my family have always supported me.