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» News » Corporate news » International Day of Women and Girls in Science – Day 2: Rebeca Vicente

International Day of Women and Girls in Science – Day 2: Rebeca Vicente

Today is day two for our three-day Women in Science campaign.  On this day, we recognize Rebeca Vincente, coordinator for Tradecorp’s chemical R+D department.

Rebeca Vicente holds a licentiate degree in Chemistry from the University of Salamanca (Spain) with a degree in Organic Chemistry.  She is a coordinator of the chemical R+D department at Tradecorp and, since 2011, has led various projects in an effort to develop short and long-term products.

When you decided to pursue a career in science:

From a young age, I have always been curious and eager to learn about how things work, but it wasn’t until high school that I figured out I had a passion for science.  When it came time to choose my major at university, it became clear that I wanted to pursue research in the chemical field, as chemistry had always fascinated me.

Best thing about Tradecorp:

Working in the R+D department requires us to spend our days with the latest field technology, looking for creative solutions which arise while developing products.  Every day is different, and brings new challenges which is why, for me, research is one of the most interesting field to work in.  Tradecorp is a very client-oriented company, which helps us learn and design products which meet the client or environment’s needs.  To achieve this, we need efficient collaboration between production departments, from agronomic development all the way to marketing and distribution.

Something to be proud of:

In regards to my professional career, one of my proudest moments was when a product was finished without any problems or difficulties.  Generally, long-term projects can last several years during which from the idea to the final product there are so many stages where something could go wrong.  You have to control every last detail, and can be very taxing for the teams which worked to develop the product.  But when you get to see the final result, the entire process is worth it, because you get to see the proof of your hard work and dedication, and there is no greater feeling than that.

Someone to be grateful for:

My closest family and friends have always accompanied and supported me since the beginning of my professional career, encouraging me to continue on, even in the toughest moments, and remain one of my strongest support systems to this day.  I also wouldn’t be where I am today without my thesis tutors and professors who have encouraged me to continue to strive to achieve my goals.  Finally, my colleagues’ support and encouragement helps me grow each and every day.