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» News » Corporate news » José Alfredo Garcia takes on the Chief Operating Officer role for Crop Nutrition in Rovensa

José Alfredo Garcia takes on the Chief Operating Officer role for Crop Nutrition in Rovensa

José Alfredo García will lead the whole business of Crop Nutrition in Rovensa, including the worldwide management of the companies, Tradecorp, OGT, SDP and Microquimica. He will replace Nuno Loureiro, interim Chief Operating Officer of the Crop Nutrition business in Rovensa, and currently Chief Financial Officer of the group.

Garcia recognizes this to be a “great challenge, with plenty of opportunities for growth” and commits to continue developing the company into “a team that listens to growers every day and works passionately to surpass their current and future challenges with innovative and unique solutions.”

José Alfredo Garcia has been a part of the group since 2013. He started leading the Mexican market for Tradecorp, after which he was promoted to Director for all the America region, including the Colombia and Brazil business units, along with the recently acquired Brazilian company Microquimica.

He is an Agricultural Engineer with a specialty in Plant Protection from the Universidad Autónoma Chapingo and holds an Executive MBA. The new COO of Rovensa has previous experience in various Sales, Marketing and Regulatory roles.

About the Rovensa Group

Rovensa has three business units: crop protection, crop nutrition and biocontrol. The international Group sells products in more than 70 countries with offices in more than 25 countries. It has factories, research centres and laboratories in Brazil, France, Spain, Portugal and Ireland.

Rovensa is owned by Bridgepoint, a private equity firm based in the UK. The Group has been strongly boosted, as shown by the 44.3% turnover growth in the last two years (237 M € in 2017 and 342 M € in 2019, expected to reach 500 M € in 2022) and a sustained growth in EBITDA.

Rovensa companies

  • Tradecorp are the experts in development and manufacture of top-quality and innovative crop nutrition and biostimulation solutions, which are commercialized in more than 70 countries worldwide.
  • OGT is the company in Rovensa with preferential access to the Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed and with an exclusive extraction method, Gentle Extraction, that preserves the biostimulating compounds that are naturally present in fresh seaweed.
  • SDP is specialized in cutting-edge adjuvants, which increase the persistence and maximize the performance of agrochemical products.
  • Microquimica are experts in microbiology and biotechnology, both for crop protection and biostimulation. Its product Vorax was the first biofertilizer registered in Brazil.
  • Ascenza is the Crop Protection branch, a benchmark independent player in the off-patented South-European and Brazilian markets, with a leading position in Iberia.
  • Idai Nature are the experts in biocontrol. They manufacture natural solutions from botanical and mineral extracts, along with microorganisms.