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» News » Corporate news » José Alfredo García, general director of Tradecorp in America, speaks about chelated micronutrients: a tool to increase the profitability of crops

José Alfredo García, general director of Tradecorp in America, speaks about chelated micronutrients: a tool to increase the profitability of crops

The talk was part of the outreach offer of the Argus FMB Added Value Fertilizers Congress, which took place in Miami at the end of April.

In the presentation, the general director of Tradecorp in America explained how chelated nutrients are a crucial nutritional source for the increase in yield and quality. However, for this, it is key that the application takes place at the right time and at the right dose, but, above all, it is most important to know the availability and assimilation capacity of the crop to ensure that the farmer’s investment is profitable.


Why chelated micronutrients?

Chelates are recognized as the most efficient solution for preventing and correcting micronutrient deficiencies in a wide variety of crops. For this reason, farmers all over the world include these products in their nutritional programs.

  • In non-chelated micronutrients, metals are unprotected against the possible combination with other elements such as phosphates and carbonates, both in the soil and in the mixing tanks. These interactions can cause the formation of insoluble compounds and their precipitation, preventing them from being correctly assimilated by plants.
  • In the case of chelates, metal micronutrients are “protected” by the chelate. This prevents the nutrient from being “fixed” or blocked in soil or tanks. In this way, micronutrients are fully available to be absorbed by both the roots and the leaves, so that the crops can use them for what they need.


Why choosing Tradecorp chelates?

Tradecorp chelates guarantee the correct absorption and assimilation of micronutrients by crops and prevent the possible precipitation that could reduce their effectiveness.

  • Product of maximum quality, which guarantees the maximum protection of the micronutrients by the chelating agent and the maximum level of chelation.
  • Versatility of application that allows its use in any application system without blocking of drippers or nozzles.
  • Presentation in the form of soluble micro granules (WG), facilitating their dosage and handling to avoid product waste.
  • Total and instantaneous solubility in all types of water, with no formation of lumps or sediments.
  • Compatible with most commonly used agrochemicals and fertilizers, avoiding additional application costs.
  • Optimum stability over a wide pH range.

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The added value of Tradecorp: Personalized and professional technical service

In his presentation at Argus FMB Added Value Fertilizers, José Alfredo García also explained that Tradecorp’s great differentiating value lies in the close, professional and personalized technical service that Tradecorp offers to its clients. Thanks to this service, we collaborate with our clients to achieve the maximum quality and yield for their crops, and thus increasing the profitability of their work.

To this end, our research in collaboration with universities and research centers, our extensive experience in the field of plant nutrition, and our innovative technologies and tools are key factors in achieving the objectives we pursue along with our clients.


About José Alfredo García

José Alfredo García has been part of the Tradecorp team since 2013 and was appointed Director of the Americas region in early 2016. With more than 20 years of experience in the agricultural business in America, he also has a master’s degree in Plant Protection (Chapingo University), with a specialization in Business Administration and Global Management by ITAM (Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico) and Tulane AB Freeman School of Business.


About Argus FMB Added Value Fertilizers

This new congress focuses on innovation in the area of ​​special fertilizers, which gives rise to yield improvements that strengthen the agricultural business throughout the supply chain.

With the support of the Association of Agricultural Retailers, TFI and IFDC, this conference brought together all the players involved in the supply chain, from the largest producers to the local distributors, making this space a unique forum for doing business in this growing sector.