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» News » Corporate news » José Nolasco will speak about precision in timing of Biostimulant application at the New AG Africa conference

José Nolasco will speak about precision in timing of Biostimulant application at the New AG Africa conference

Jose Nolasco, Strategy and Innovation Director at Tradecorp, will delve into a new concept in abiotic stress management through the use of precision biostimulation at the New Ag International Africa virtual conference. The congress will take place from 28th September to 1st of October. As with many conferences in the past few months, the event has been moved to a 100% online setting due to the ongoing disruptions to travel caused by the COVID 19 outbreak. More than 100 companies and organisation from 36 countries are registered for the event.

 Increasing global abiotic crop stress and how to best to manage it?

With the ongoing climate breakdown, abiotic stress on crops is increasing around the world and Biostimulants are recognised as an essential tool in helping growers to manage these stresses which include salinity, drought, heat, cold, agronomic stress among others. Through our intensive Research & Development, and collaborations with leading researchers and research groups, Tradecorp is increasing emphasis on the importance of biostimulant application timing as part of our Biostimulation 360 concept. Tradecorp’s research examines how products interact with crops at a genetic and metabolomic level, and how best to communicate this information to growers and the market. These, and other results, are enabling increasingly specific recommendations on when to apply each Biostimulant type or product to manage specific stresses and maximise the Return on Investment to growers. As José will explain in his presentation, correct Biostimulation is never a cost, but an investment in future profitability.

About José Nolasco

José Nolasco currently serves as Strategy and Innovation Director at Tradecorp International, and also lectures part time as a Professor in the Agricultural Production Department at the Polytechnical University of Madrid, teaching hydroponics and crop nutrition. He is also an alumni of the Polytechnical University. He also holds a Master’s in Marketing and Business Management from the Business & Marketing School ESIC, Madrid. Jose has more than 20 years of experience working with international companies in agronomy, with an emphasis on crop management, specialty fertilisers, Biostimulants, and crop nutrition.

Do not miss out on the presentation about timing of Biostimulant application!

“A new concept on abiotic stress management through precision biostimulants with high performance” by José Nolasco

Wednesday, 30 September 2020 14:00 – 14:20