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» News » Corporate news » LHOIST Agriculture and Tradecorp sign an industrial partnership to integrate Humifirst in Oxyfertil formulations

LHOIST Agriculture and Tradecorp sign an industrial partnership to integrate Humifirst in Oxyfertil formulations

Following a long process of development and exchange, Lhoist Agriculture and Tradecorp International have just signed an industrial partnership for the incorporation of HUMIFIRST® into the products of the OXYFERTIL® range.

For Vincent LELONG, Director of Lhoist Agriculture, “This is an opportunity offered by Lhoist to our partner distributors to be differentiated on the market of plant nutrition by bringing an innovative offer meeting the expectations of the farmers. By accomplishing this project Lhoist Agriculture shows its commitment to innovation and the search for ever more competitive solutions for farmers”.

On the other hand Hugues Dumas, Director of Tradecorp France, welcomes the completion of this partnership “which is perfectly in line with our strategy to develop and make available our HUMIFIRST® product. In addition, Lhoist is a company with whom we have built trust and we will make every effort to ensure that the launch of the OXYFERTIL® Humic is a success”.


About Humifirst®:

Humifirst®, the only formula based on humic and fulvic acids holding an official approval for fertilising material (n°1307001) in France.


About Oxyfertil® Humic:

OXYFERTIL® Humic combines the known nutritive effects of oxides as well as humic and fulvic acids contained in Humifirst® (AMM: 1307001) for an enhanced nutrition:

  • sustained germination and growth
  • more roots for better phosphorous assimilation
  • increased assimilation of micronutrients
  • optimisation of plant growth


About Lhoist Agriculture:

Lhoist agriculture is an entity of the industrial and family group Lhoist. Particularly well established in France with an extensive industrial network, Lhoist agriculture, with its network of sale technicians near the field and distribution, brings new solutions improving the competitiveness of farms in the field of plant nutrition (Oxyfertil® and Foliostim®), improved soil capital (Oxyfertil®) and animal and livestock hygiene (Saniblanc®).

About Tradecorp:

Tradecorp is a Spanish company founded in 1985. It has extensive experience in plant nutrition, especially in the markets of micronutrients and specialty fertilisers.

Tradecorp was part of the Agro Business branch of the SAPEC group since 2000. In January 2017 the activity of the Agribusiness of the SAPEC Group was acquired by the investment fund Bridgepoint. Tradecorp has a large network, with offices in 17 countries and a presence in more than 60 countries around the world. This international success has been possible thanks to the company’s strategy, based on personalised customer service, important investment in innovation, R&D, as well as advanced technology, the versatility of its production lines and a total commitment to the quality, efficiency and sustainability of its products and services.

Tradecorp is a founding member of the European Biostimulants Industry Council (EBIC) and is also a member of other associations and initiatives.