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Looking back on Tradecorp’s 2019

2019 was a banner year for Tradecorp. Every year brings new challenges, and last year was no different. Tradecorp pushed through with hard work and perseverance to achieve their goals. Let’s take a look at what we have accomplished this past year.

Group Expansion

Our biggest news of the year was that Sapec Agro Business became Rovensa. The group is composed of different companies that share synergies and offer a complete portfolio with one objective: Well Balanced Agriculture.Rovensa

Last year we introduced Microquimica into our growing brand. This Brazilian company was integrated into the crop nutrition division of Rovensa. Its experience in microbial inoculants and biological amino acids provides the company with a more well-balanced approach to agricultural solutions.

In September, Microquimica invested in its growth by expanding its industrial plant to almost double its size. This plant expansion allows for more research jobs and for a huge increase in production.


In 2019 Rovensa also acquired the company Rodel Flowers in Ecuador. Rodel, a leading Company in the production of cut flowers and other agroindustrial products, will be integrated with Tradecorp in the Crop Nutrition sector. Tradecorp and Rodel have a long history of working together in Ecuador and now as one company they will be able to grow faster and expand into other crops.

In addition, Tradecorp opened a new branch in China last year. As part of our long term expansion and development in Asia Pacific, this branch will play a major role in our business strategy to make Tradecorp a key player in the Chinese Biostimulant and Specialized Nutrition Market. This branch, in Shanghai, will be the regional base for Asia Pacific (APAC) operations, covering India, South East Asia, South Korea, and Australia.


We started off the year with a bang, presenting our newest campaign, 2k19, Tradecorp’s year of Potassium, that was focused on how top notch Potassiums, like Tradecorps’, can get the maximum quality potential out of your crops.


In 2019, we also presented Biostimulation 360, a campaign to promote the most effective ways of using biostimulants to overcome the effects of abiotic stress.

The information and recommendations provided in the campaign are the result of Tradecorp’s in-depth research in collaboration with renowned institutions, such as, Queen’s University of Belfast (UK), Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain) and the DiSAA of University of Milano (Italy), along with the fieldwork accomplished over the last 15 years

Product innovation

In 2018 we launched a new product called IsliFe 8.2, the first biodegradable iron chelate in the world to be stable under alkaline conditions. Moreover, in 2019, our product was awarded in the list of top ten novel fertilizers by AgroPages.islife top novel fertilizers in agropages

IsliFe 8.2 was launched in 2018 and we had our first sales of this unique product in 2019. Our Regulatory department is working on the registrations to make IsliFe 8.2 available in many other countries in the world.

We also had 50 of our products approved by Ecocert for organic agriculture. This is something we strive to achieve because of our commitments to a sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture.

Fairs and exhibitions

Last year we had the opportunity to attend many fairs and exhibitions around the world, where we shared our new innovations, provided technical advice,, and promoted our 2K19 and Biostimulation 360 campaigns, among others. For instance, we were present at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, FuturPera in Italy, SITEVI in France, Fruit Attraction in Spain, Agroalimentaria in Mexico, and many more all around the world.

Fair in Mexico

In November, we went to one of the most important gatherings for the Biostimulation industry, the 4th annual World Biostimulant Congress in Barcelona, where we attended as Gold Sponsors. Also, Antonio Ferrante, Associate Professor at the University of Milan, Italy, presented his research on heat stress using three different Tradecorp biostimulants.

Social Responsibility

Tradecorp has donated to several NGO’s this year as part of its commitment to Social Responsibility. Among others is the Fundación ITER whose mission is to educate children around the world by providing greenhouses and seeds and growing techniques so that they have the ability to grow food and feed themselves.

In 2019 we also participated in the annual event hosted for PYFANO (Parents, Relatives, and Friends of Oncology Children of Castilla y León) in order to raise funds for the fight against child cancer. 100% of the funds raised went to an initiative that benefits children with cancer in the Castilla and León regions of Spain.