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» News » Corporate news » The Malaysian company Advansia and their clients visited Tradecorp factories

The Malaysian company Advansia and their clients visited Tradecorp factories

Tradecorp’s Spanish factories received a special visit by the Malaysian company Advansia and their clients this past month. During this six-day tour, the group saw the company facilities of Sanchidrián and Albacete, along with those of Idai Nature, witnessing firsthand where the high quality and innovative solutions are born. In addition, they received detailed explanations about the manufacturing process for different products and witnessed the cutting-edge technology featured at these facilities. This was also a great opportunity to meet the Tradecorp and Idai Nature teams and to get to know the people behind the products they receive in Malaysia.


Upon their visit, the Malaysian clients had the opportunity not only to tour the factories, but also see just where Tradecorp products originate from, along with the key aspects for their quality and efficacy. They found that in both the factories of Sanchidrián and Albacete, Tradecorp has fully-equipped laboratories with the latest technologies and count with professional and experienced teams that position Tradecorp at the forefront in innovation.

Tradecorp’s chelates factory in Sanchidrián: one of the few in the world able to synthesize the chelating agent EDDHA

The visitors from Malaysia were introduced to unique aspects of the factory, such as its atomization tower, its facilities for the synthesis of EDDHA, the rigorous quality controls in place and a versatile packaging line, which allows for fast place packaging along with personalization specific to the country or client needs.

Malasyians in Sanchidrian

Tradecorp’s factory in Albacete: biostimulants and foliar fertilizer production

At the Albacete factory, the Malaysian clients discovered the strict controls that are carried out for manufacturing biostimulants such as Phylgreen and Delfan Plus, and foliar fertilizers such as Tradebor and Trafos ranges. During their visit, they witnessed the various possibilities Tradecorp’s label printing machine has, which allows for on-demand production and label personalization to the specific requirements of every country and the needs of each client.

Malasyians in Albacete

Idai facilities in Valencia

In addition to Tradecorp facilities, the group also ventured to the Spanish city of Valencia with the purpose of visiting Idai Nature. At their factory innovative natural solutions that adapt to farmers’ needs are created. Here, the group received information about Idai Natures solutions for agriculture that is not only profitable, but also sustainable. In addition, the clients had the chance to view the factory’s on-site laboratory, where they saw different natural raw materials used in Idai Nature’s solutions.

The group was also introduced to the greenhouse facilities of Clisol, located in Almeria. Here, they learned about the importance of crop nutrition, not only through training, but also by experiencing firsthand the effect crop nutrition has on the quality and organoleptic features of produce. The clients tasted different tomato and sweet pepper varieties that had been treated with chelates, seaweed and amino acids.

Malasyans Valencia