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» News » Corporate news » Microquimica (Tradecorp) invests in its Biological Plant expansion

Microquimica (Tradecorp) invests in its Biological Plant expansion

The new structure will have the capacity to double the current volume of production

Eric Van Innis, CEO of Rovensa, José Alfredo Garcia, Chief Operating Officer of Crop Nutrition of Rovensa, Jorge Luis de Almeida, Country Director of Microquimica Tradecorp Brazil, Danilo Tadashi Tagami Kamimura, Ministry of Agriculture representative, and Thiago Giatti Assis, Mayor of the city of Monte Mor, all attended the inauguration of the new building at the Biological Products Industrial Plant. Employees, partners, customers and press also participated in the inauguration. After the speeches, all 82 guests received a guided tour to see the new structure.

Rafael Leiria Nunes, Industrial Associate Director of Microquimica Tradecorp, says the event marks the maturation of the Company’s project. “We took big steps, in a wise way, to reach the Market. When our biological product line started leading our portfolio, we understood we were at a natural pathway and, in consequence, it was the time for an expansion. This shows our commitment to supporting a growing demand from the Market, betting on high technology and controlled processes to have our products with the highest purity level available to customers”.

With an investment of one million dollars, the new structure will have the capacity to double the current volume of production. The goal is to increase the Market share in Brazil, with plans to begin exporting biological products to other countries in 2020. “The bioproducts of our company are very effective and have a very good evaluation in the market by customers of all Brazilian grains production areas. Today most of the sales are made in the states of Mato Grosso, São Paulo and Paraná, which account for 33%, 14% and 9%, respectively, of the total commercialized volumes in the country.”

With the new building, of approximately 1,000 square meters, research will also be expanded. “At this plant we will have the possibility to produce new products, currently outsourced, showing the potential we have inside the company”, states Nunes.
Since 2006, the company is the only one with an industrial unit dedicated to producing amino acids through a controlled fermentative process, specifically for agriculture.

Microquimica factoryCutting edge technology

In addition to expanding and increasing the amount of employees, the new plant will effectuate a higher level of automation. “We will push safety to another level, not only with regards to our employees’ well-being, but also with our final product, which will have an undeniable quality”.

In order to achieve that, new automatically controlled fermenters were acquired, along with a newly imported high technology filling machine, besides the supervisory software, that ensures control of production of biological products from beginning to end, which will then be placed in the Market.