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» News » Corporate news » More than 600 distributors and retailers attended Tradecorp’s Winter Training Tour in China

More than 600 distributors and retailers attended Tradecorp’s Winter Training Tour in China

As part of Tradecorp’s continued business expansion in China, the Asia & Pacific Division (APAC) completed a Winter training tour with Shandong Sino-Agri United Biotechnology Co. Ltd. Sino-Agri United is China’s national distributor for Phylgreen Mira, Humistar Active, Delfan TE and Tradecorp AZ Plus, which are all manufactured in Tradecorp’s European factories. Dr Cathal Daynes, Global Technical Manager in Tradecorp, trained more than 400 local Distributors and Retailers in the 6 training sessions held across North China.

Cathal Daynes Sinoagri

These sessions complemented the first half of the Tradecorp / Sino Agri United Winter training which was held in South China in November. The training was timed to coincide with Sino Agri United’s Annual Distributor meeting where Dr. Daynes presented two sessions as well as conducting local training across the region.

Sinoagri Tradecorp

Continuing from the South China mainland training, Tradecorp APAC’s new blood, Marketing Coordinator Luis Ibarguren, travelled to Hainan. There Mr Ibarguren conducted further specific training sessions on Mango and Melon as part of the South China training as well as inspecting ongoing greenhouse and field trials with Phylgreen Mira.

Luis Ibarguren Sinoagri

Training is an essential part of Tradecorp´s devotion to bringing continued high quality technical support to our partners, promote knowledge transfer and adapt Tradecorp´s solutions to local conditions.  In line with Tradecorp’s commitment to sustainable agriculture, and grower profitability, the training focused on how to use Biostimulants to reduce the effects of Abiotic Stress and maximize the Return on Investment, factoring in both global and local themes, such as managing climate breakdown and also taking into account China´s agricultural environment and local needs.