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» Testimonials » Mr. Harish Kaka Davbhat, from India, has tested Tradecorp program on pomegranate

Mr. Harish Kaka Davbhat, from India, has tested Tradecorp program on pomegranate

Mr. Harish Kaka Davbhat is one of Tradecorp’s clients in India.

This is his experience with Tradecorp program on pomegranate:

We have light red soil, which is suitable for pomegranate cultivation.  I have Bhagawa variety of pomegranate having age of 3 years.

In first harvest I have got average yield of 9 Kg/plant, in May 2016. In Oct 2017, I have planned to take new flush, but the temperature was very low & I was not sure about getting adequate flowering. In the meantime I had a visit of Mr. C P Bonde, Technical manager, India & Mr. S U Bade, Dhanashree Agro Industries – Pune.

They have advised me to use Humistar & Intake for root development & nutrient uptake in low temperature situation. I have found Humistar & Intake amazing, as the plants have adequate flowering with good flower stroke & with average fruit setting of 70-80 fruits /plant. I have applied it 3 times at regular intervals in fruit setting, development & ripening stage.

I have also used Trafos Cu during flowering, which help in reducing flower drop & increase fruit setting.

During fruit development & fruit fill stage I have used amifol K two times in foliar spray & Nutricomplex gold 1-9-46 through drip. I have got very good fruit size & colour. My crop will be ready for harvest in May 2017, with fruit size from 250 g to 750 g with average yield of 15-16 Kg /plant.

I am very much happy with tradecorp products. I will use them in my next crop of pomegranate.

Tradecorp program on pomegranate testimonial

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