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New Packaging for Tradecorp’s Solid Products

Tradecorp has made a significant investment in its Sanchidrián factory (Ávila, España) to incorporate a new packaging system with several advantages, such as an improved image for the bags for the solid products and the possibility of a new packaging of 500 g.


Improved image and personalized information

The new packaging means an improvement in the presentation of our 1kg and 5kg bags. Also, in line with our commitment to offering personalized products and services in accordance with the necessities of our clients, we will continue personalizing the information of the packaging in accordance with the local necessities of the language, crops, agricultural recommendations, etc. We are improving the image while maintaining our usual personalization.


Greatest packaging offer: New presentation of 500 g

Tradecorp is present in more than 60 countries all over the world with very different characteristics and necessities. With the new packaging system of our Sanchidrián factory, we are able to respond to the need for smaller packaging, including in our offer the packaging of 500 g for the majority of our solid products. The quality and efficiency of Tradecorp’s products are now also in small packaging.


More respectful with the environment

Tradecorp is a company committed to the environment and the sustainable use of natural resources. Therefore, we collaborate with local entities to recycle our packages and we use recycled cardboard for our packaging, among many other actions to protect the environment.

The new packaging format is configured as the minimum sales unit, which allows us to optimize the use of natural resources, reducing the quantity of cardboard that we use for the presentation of our products. For example: the new 1 kg packaging will allow us to reduce the quantity of cardboard used by up to 64% per kg of product packaged.  


Optimization of palletizing

The new packaging format, by decreasing the quantity of material necessary for the presentation of our products, allows us to improve palletization, optimizing transport and, by consequence, the energy consumption necessary for the transport of our products.


The implementation of the new packaging formats will be progressively incorporated in the different countries, according to the local necessities and characteristics of each market.



For more information about the new packaging system of our Sanchidrián factory, do not hesitate to contact us through your local Tradecorp office or through the contact section of our webpage.