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New range of 100% vegetal amino acids biostimulants

The launch of this new range of 100% vegetal amino acid-based biostimulants will allow us to increase our range of biostimulants, especially in markets where the use of amino acids is restricted to vegetal amino acids for regulation purposes, just as in other markets where the use of products of vegetal origin is being promoted.

Thanks to a thorough and demanding process of formulation and development, the new range of biostimulants maintains the rigorous quality and efficiency criteria of Tradecorp’s amino acids.


100% vegetal amino acids: Quality and efficiency

The new range of 100% vegetal amino acids bears a new set of characteristics in order for the product to be efficient and to take the maximum benefits from the plants:

  • High quantity of free amino acids which is the optimal way for them to be easily absorbed and incorporated to the plant metabolism.
  • L-α amino acids are biologically active and useful for the plants.
  • Complete and balanced aminogram, capable of covering a wide variety of the plant’s needs during development and abiotic stress.


Approved for Organic Agriculture

EcocertSome of the new 100% vegetal amino acid-based biostimulants are approved for their use in Organic Agriculture by Ecocert according to European standards (Regulations CE no 834/2007 and 889/2008) and NOP (National Organic Program).


With Tradecorp’s guarantee

The new range of 100% vegetal amino acids has all of Tradecorp’s guarantees. From the beginning, Tradecorp has shown a special interest in the research and development of new products, investing more than 5% of its turnover in this kind of projects.

All the acquired knowledge and the know how about biostimulants in recent years have also been essential to the development of the new range since it has allowed us to better understand abiotic stress and the mechanisms are activated in plants to fight it. In that way, we can design more efficient solutions in order to fight unfavourable situations and avoid performance losses.


Range of 100% vegetal amino acid-based biostimulants products

  • Delfan V and Delfan Plus V:

Anti-stress formulations with a high content of L-α free and of completely vegetal-based amino acids. Both products are specifically designed to be used in critical moments of the plants’ life cycle, enough to overcome high abiotic stress situations such as salinity, drought or variations.

In addition to their vegetal amino acid concentration (10% w/w and 23% w/w respectively), they present a complete and well-balanced aminogram in order to overcome any abiotic stress related situation and to improve the quality and the output of the crops.

Both products are approved for use in Organic Agriculture.

  • Ruter AA V:

Root biostimulant that boosts the rooting and initial development of the crops. Apart from the L-α free and vegetal-based amino acids, it also contains macro and micronutrients essential for ensuring a correct root growth and favour the plants’ establishment in the first stages of the cycle.

  • Vegetal origin Aton range:

This range of products includes: Aton Fe V, Aton Zn V and Aton Zn+Mn V.

They are biostimulants that, besides fighting abiotic stress thanks to its vegetal-based amino acids, are enriched with micronutrients that prevent or correct deficiencies. Thanks to the high capacity of amino acids, the micronutrients are absorbed more easily by the plants which make the treatments more efficient and have immediate effects.


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