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New Seed Sprint H5 video

Tradecorp’s latest video explains the ins and outs of Seed Sprint H5.Seed Sprint H5 is a starter fertiliser that works to maximise the absorption of Phosphorus thanks to the Humic Acids included in the Seed Sprint H5 formula. Seed Sprint H5 has a micro granule form that ultimately allows application of Seed Sprint H5 close to the seeds making the nutrients easily available for an optimal start to the crop cycle.

Plants need energy to have a rapid start to the season. The early supply of Phosphorus from Seedsprint H5 gives the crop the energy needed at the beginning of the crop cycle, ensuring a robust plant from emergence, with greater root biomass while also supplying the building blocks of ATP, the energy transfer molecule within the plant. Seed Sprint H5 achieves this by placing the micro granules close to the seed with a formula that also includes Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Zinc, Sulphur and Humic Acids. The combination of these elements activates the crop metabolism before the natural reserves of the seeds are exhausted, and accelerates the growth of the seedlings, .making Seed Sprint H5 Formula One quality.

The easy application of Seed Sprint H5 localised in the seed line facilitates reduced dosage compared to conventional starter mixes and also reduces handling and benefits the environment.