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Tradecorp launches new website in Russian

We are proud to announce that Tradecorp has officially launched its new Russian website, bringing the ease of the corporate web page to the local market of all Russian-speaking countries. The new website has been specifically designed in order to meet the needs of all the Russian-speaking countries, thus covering a broad geographical area.

The website offers both global and local corporate news, products, and videos adapted to the Russian language and its specific target market.

With the same look and feel as Tradecorp’s corporate website, the new Russian website has a clean design that allows for an easy and clear navigation. It’s a mobile responsive website, so it will adapt to any device.

In addition, its search engine facilitates the search of information using tags that help group many related topics. The RSS system also allows all those in the Russian-speaking market to keep up to date with the latest news from Tradecorp.