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» News » Corporate news » José Nolasco will speak about abiotic stress at the New Ag exhibition and Conference in Kenya

José Nolasco will speak about abiotic stress at the New Ag exhibition and Conference in Kenya

Nolasco, Strategy and Innovation Director at Tradecorp, will delve into the use of seaweeds to overcome abiotic stress in his presentation “Use of Gentle Extraction Seaweed Extract to Overcome Abiotic Stress in Plants” at the New Ag Fair in Kenya, March 21-23. With more than 60 countries schedule to convene, the New Ag exhibition in Kenya will feature companies from around the world who are looking to exchange, acquire, and consolidate knowledge on the latest agriculture trends.

Priming effect of Gentle Extraction seaweed extracts

Abiotic stress is one of the primary environmental factors affecting global crop productivity. Utilizing plant biostimulants such as Phylgreen can improve plant tolerance mitigating yield losses.

Seaweed extract acts as a biostimulant and offers preventive effects through priming, a physiological state that allows the plant to better tolerate future stresses than that of a non-primed plant. Natural priming involves a mild environmental stress, which the plant then ‘remembers’ in subsequent future stress allowing a more efficient response that benefits plant health and survival.

Tradecorps’ experience over the past few years is that Gentle Extraction seaweed is the best tool for priming, and to prevent losses caused by abiotic stress. In his presentation, Nolasco will delve into the Gentle Extraction process and the multitude of positive effects that Phylgreen can have on crop development.

About José Nolasco

José Nolasco is an agricultural engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and holds a Master’s in Marketing and Business Management from the Business & Marketing School ESIC.  He has more than 20 years of experience working with different international companies in agronomy, with an emphasis on crop management, specialty fertilizer, biostimulants, and crop nutrition. José currently serves as Strategy and Innovation Director at Tradecorp International, and works part time as a professor in the Agricultural Production Department at the Polytechnical University of Madrid, teaching hydroponics and crop nutrition.

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