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» News » Corporate news » ORO AGRI IS NOW A ROVENSA COMPANY


Rovensa, one of the global leaders in sustainable solutions for agriculture, has completed the acquisition of Oro Agri, a leading provider of environmentally friendly biocontrol solutions, with products sold in more than 80 countries.
Effective since January 20th, Oro Agri will reinforce Rovensa’s portfolio in the agricultural biologicals sector as well as provide an entry of Rovensa into new strategic markets such as the US, Asia, and South Africa.
‘Oro Agri will be a positive driver for Rovensa’s growth strategy, not only in dimension and global reach, but specially in value proposition. Rovensa aims to continuously expand its portfolio towards more sustainable solutions for agriculture, with lower impact on environment. With Oro Agri’s patent-protected and registered biological solutions, we will strength our positioning as a leading independent provider of biological solutions globally’, comments Eric van Innis, Rovensa CEO.

Erroll Pullen, CEO of Oro Agri, sees the acquisition as a win for both organizations. ‘Oro Agri now can offer an extensive library of new sustainable active ingredients and bio-nutrition solutions to our customers. We are particularly excited about Rovensa’s organic and biological portfolio. It opens great opportunities for the Oro Agri business. And, as we move forward, the commitment Rovensa has made to be a leader in this increasingly important market segment means Oro Agri will be able to offer our customers the cutting-edge in biocontrol solutions. For Rovensa and its related businesses, we can offer a turn-key sales and marketing team in important markets such as North America.’

By combining the strengths of both companies, Rovensa will consolidate its strong commitment towards its goal of leading the change in agriculture by focusing on safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly solutions, by continuously developing the most innovative products for the environment, farmers and people´s health. With the biological and certified organic Oro Agri solutions, Rovensa further strengths its portfolio of sustainable solutions for agriculture.

About Rovensa
Rovensa, formerly known as Sapec Agro Business, is a leading global player in the agricultural industry, with a long history, experience and knowledge in the sector.
In September 2019, Sapec Agro Business was renamed Rovensa, with the aim of creating a prestigious international brand in the agricultural industry. The group is now organised into three main business units: Bio-Nutrition, Biocontrol and Crop Protection. With offices, factories, research centres and laboratories in Brazil, France, Spain, Portugal and Ireland, Rovensa continuously develops a broad portfolio of innovative solutions for plant health & care.
All companies belonging to Rovensa share synergies and offer a catalogue of complementary products that have the same objective: Well Balanced Agriculture.
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