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» News » Corporate news » Oserian Flowers wins award using Tradecorp products

Oserian Flowers wins award using Tradecorp products

Longtime client, Oserian Flowers, has won the award for Best Cut Flower Grower of 2019. The Kenyan based company was recently awarded this honor at the International Flower Awards in Holland, based not only on their product, but what they also do for the “people and the planet.”

“This award was primarily due to the outstanding commitment Oserian has shown over many years towards a fair trade as well as ‘walking the walk,’ not just relying on ethical labels which may not reflect fair or ethical practices on the ground,” said Hamish Ker, Managing Director at Oserian Flowers. “Tradecorp too, has played its part by supplying us with sustainable products which enable our business to adopt a softer approach to farming while embracing the best of nature,” said Ker.

About Oserian

For 16 years, Tradecorp has been supporting Osearian not only with its products, but with its personalized technical device and service. Spread over 5,000 acres Osearian handles over a million stems of flowers each day while simultaneously working with the environment and surrounding communities.

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