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» News » Product news » Phós’UP, awarded Best Biofertilizer Product at the World BioProtection Awards 2022

Phós’UP, awarded Best Biofertilizer Product at the World BioProtection Awards 2022

Tradecorp was recently honored to receive the award for “Best Biofertilizer Product” for Phós’UP. Biotool resulted finalist in the category “Innovative Research Project of the Year”, and Biimore was finalist in the category “Best Biostimulant Product Award”.

These awards recognize and showcase the achievements of innovators in the biocontrol industry, acknowledging outstanding achievements in the field of biopesticides. The event took place in Birmingham, United Kingdom, during 23rd and 24th of May with Oro Agri as Gold Sponsor. The initiative was an important connecting centre for the biocontrol industry, covering solutions such as Biopesticides, Biostimulants, Biofertilizers, Biocides and Bioremediation.


Phós’UP is a high-tech and sustainable solution to phosphorous nutrition, an essential nutrient in plant growth. Among the numerous agronomical assays conducted throughout Brazil in the last couple of  years using  Phós’UP in soybeans, Tradecorp’s new biofertilizer is a viable solution for increased phosphorous nutrition allied to sustainability, since our product is renewable and produced from a sustainable fermentation process. The product contains the live bacterium Pseudomonas fluorescens, able to solubilize the phosphate adsorbed in the soil and thus increase the availability of this element to the plant, promoting increased crop growth with lower P applications.  This co-inoculation strategy can be readily applied in several legume and non-legume crops. Such an effect is extremely significant in terms of reducing dependency on conventional fertilizers given the current geopolitical scenario brought on by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and Russias’s war efforts in Ukraine.

Tradecorp, committed with sustainable agriculture

With Phós’UP, Tradecorp sediments its reputation as a reference partner for farmers, bringing new products that promote the highest producing crops coupled to environmental and economic sustainability. We are strongly committed to having a positive impact on agriculture, which is why we align our objectives to meet the SDG and the European Farm to Fork strategy goals: reducing pesticides, nutrition losses and antimicrobials, and boosting organic farming.

This is great recognition for how Tradecorp is innovating in the field of biostimulants, redefining the business model of the industry and promoting sustainable agricultural production, because we firmly believe that the answers lie in our hands.

For more information about Phós’UP: Tradecorp Brazil website.