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Phylgreen Range: Proven efficiency

Tradecorp, in accordance with its firm commitment to the quality and efficiency of its products, has carried out different trials to analyse the efficiency of the recently launched Phylgreen range. This is composed of biostimulating products based on Ascophyllum nodosum.

Working in collaboration with various universities and research centres throughout the world, Tradecorp has been able to confirm the success and efficiency of the Phylgreen range under difficult conditions including saline stress and high temperatures.

Both foliar and soil applications of Phylgreen accelerate and increase cucumber plant growth significantly when grown on a saline soil in a greenhouse in Almeria (Spain)
Phylgreen and Phylgreen Mira enhance the fruit set and harvested fruits 13 days after the first treatment, according to the second trial in zucchini plants in open fields production in Agadir (Morocco).

These results confirm the beneficial effect of Phylgreen range products on precocity, accelerating and increasing plant production of the first harvests.