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Prevent and combat heat stress with Tradecorp Biostimulants!

In optimal weather conditions, plants generate energy and reach their maximum production capacity, thanks to moderate temperatures and a proper water availability.

However, summer is a stressful period for crops, due to heat and drought. In the middle of the day, temperatures rise and can even reach over 30º-35º. Each crop bears a different maximum temperature, but in general, under these conditions, photosynthesis drastically drops, while plants automatically increase their respiration to resist the heat. When plants do not receive the proper quantity of water, transpiration and thermic control of the plants are dysregulated, and, as a result, plants consume more energy than they produce.

When this occurs, oxidative stress appears, and the plant is damaged, resulting in:

  • Plant imbalances and less vigour
  • Misuse of energy, as the plant consume more energy in respiration than the one produced by photosynthesis
  • Reduced nutrient uptake and translocation
  • Cells aging and senescence, that automatically leads to cell death
  • Loss of flowering capacity

The consequences are loss of yield and quality at harvest.

Biostimulation 360º: Tradecorp Solutions to heat stress

However, heat stress can be prevented and fought, thanks to Tradecorp Biostimulants: these products enhance crop tolerance to heat stress, increasing photosynthesis even in the worst conditions, thus reducing the oxidative damage and increasing crop yield and quality.

Tradecorp counts on 3 broad ranges of innovative biostimulants:

  • Solutions based on humic acids, such as Humifirst: this product range increases water holding capacity of the soil and enhance root growth to absorb more water, even under stressful conditions
  • Solutions based on seaweed extracts from Ascophyllum nodosum: Phylgreen range activates the stress tolerance mechanism in advance, enabling a preventive reaction against abiotic stress. This is what we call “Primactive Effect”: a series of responses in plants, which alter their physiology, metabolism and genetic response to abiotic stress, stepping up its vigour without depleting its energetic production.
  • Solutions based on amino acids, such as Delfan Plus, which ensure a curative action during or right after the abiotic stress period. These products sustain proteic metabolism and provide a quicker recovery from stress. 

Enhance crop tolerance to heat stress with Biostimulation 360º!