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» News » Product news » Priming Effect: Preparing plants to combat drought and other abiotic stress conditions

Priming Effect: Preparing plants to combat drought and other abiotic stress conditions

Plants growing in Drought prone conditions can be subject to immense environmental (abiotic) stress. By preparing the plant for abiotic stress, if and when it occurs, the plant is less affected by the stress and has the potential to recover quicker, which help to minimize yield loss.

Tradecorp Solution: Phylgreen, packed full of natural anti-stress metabolites

Phylgreen, a Tradecorp bio stimulant based on Ascophyllum nodosum, helps plants to resist abiotic stresses such as Drought Stress.

Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed only grows in the North Atlantic Ocean. It grows in a unique environment, the sea “tidal zone”, so spends half its life in salt water and the other half in the air when the tide goes out. This is one of the most stressful places in the world for a plant to grow. As a result Ascophyllum nodosum is packed full of natural anti-stress metabolites.

Thanks to Tradecorp’s Gentle Extraction process, most of these anti stress substances are extracted and captured for inclusion in our Phylgreen. Some of the anti-stress products naturally present in Phylgreen include:

  • The drought protectant sugar mannitol, which helps protect plant cells from water and salt stress
  • Alginates that enhance the water holding capacity of the soil due to their special configuration which can be hydrated and store water
  • Polyphenols (anti-oxidants) protect plants from the negative chemicals products inside the plant during drought and other abiotic stresses.

Desertification graphic - Ascophyllum nodosum

Switching on genes to resist stress

More excitingly another important way that Phylgreen helps plants to resist stress is that Phylgreen has been demonstrated to interact with plants at a molecular level. Phylgreen has been shown to switch on specific genes that help plants to resist stress. This natural manipulation of the genes of the plant by Phylgreen “Primes” the plant and prepares it to resist stress. If and when stress occurs, such as Drought or Heat stress, the primed plants are more quickly able to respond and resist this stress reducing yield loss.

Science has helped us understand how the Phylgreen promotes and protects yield however Irish farmers who used Ascophyllum nodosum on their farms for generations already knew this.

Through the availability of Tradecorp Phylgreen, a local and traditional method of farming now has a global reach, helping agriculture to resist the effect of changing climate including the associated increase in unseasonal weather and droughts.


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