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Stimulation of the plant’s natural processes

Its specific mode of action encourages the physiological processes in plants in critical periods of crop development, such as budding, rooting, flowering or maturing. This range includes biostimulants based on GLT (Gentle & Low Temperature) extract of seaweed and/or L-α free amino acids enriched with essential nutrients.


  • Aton Range

    Range based on L-α amino acids with micronutrients for stress conditions and critical periods of crop development

  • Phylgreen Range

    Range of solutions based on GLT extract of Ascophyllum nodosum to activate plant metabolism in all development stages

  • Boramin Ca

    Solution of L-α-amino acids and active and mobile calcium, enriched with boron

  • Ruter AA

    Complete activator of enzymatic processes and stimulant for root growth

  • Delfan Range

    Range of anti-stress solutions for adverse climatic conditions and critical periods of crop development

  • Biimore

    The Ultra-Efficient Biostimulant obtained from an exclusive and sustainable plant fermentation process

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