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Foliar fertilisers

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Differentiated formulas for foliar application

Tradecorp’s range of differentiated formulas are highly concentrated in micro and macronutrients. This range is developed to meet specific needs of crops which influence quality and yield, such as the protein content, sugar level, fruit size, photosynthetic activity, etc.


  • Final K / Fainal K

    Potassium based liquid solution to improve quality of harvests

  • Folur

    Exclusive solution, based on ureic nitrogen, for fast action and with complete selectivity

  • Tradebor

    Boron-ethanolamine based solution, especially recommended for improving flowering and fruit maturity

  • Calitech

    Solution with a high calcium concentration to ensure the highest fruit quality

  • Magnitech

    Solution with a high magnesium nitrate concentration for optimum photosynthetic performance

  • Twintech Zn+Mn

    Solution with a high zinc and manganese concentration to prevent and correct zinc and manganese deficiencies

  • Phostrade Range

    Range of solutions with a high phosphorous concentration which provides an ideal balance of essential nutrients for the optimum development of crops

  • Trafos Range

    Liquid solutions with a high concentration of phosphorous and potassium, enriched with micronutrients, to guarantee maximum quality of crops

  • Maxflow Range

    Highly concentrated suspensions (flow) to prevent and correct deficiencies by foliar application

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