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» News » Corporate news » Rovensa expands its Biocontrol business unit by acquiring Grupo Agrotecnología

Rovensa expands its Biocontrol business unit by acquiring Grupo Agrotecnología

Idai Nature, the biocontrol business unit of ROVENSA, an international group with innovative solutions for well balanced agriculture, announces the acquisition of Grupo Agrotecnología. Based in Orihuela, Spain, Grupo Agrotecnología is a leading company specialized in biological plant protection solutions with a particular focus on microbial technologies.

This is the third acquisition of Rovensa’s biocontrol business unit, reinforcing the Group’s compromise towards its goal of leading the change in agriculture by focusing on safe, healthy and environmentally friendly solutions. Rovensa has now a stronger and wider portfolio of registered biocontrol products for a large range of crops, which will help to expand its biocontrol business.

“The acquisition of Grupo Agrotecnología will bring together two major strengths: Rovensa innovative biological crop solutions focused on plant extracts and Grupo Agrotecnología strong expertise in microbial-based biopesticides” explains Rovensa CEO, Eric van Innis, adding that “Rovensa will continue to explore new opportunities to complement organic growth with acquisitions so that it can fulfil its mission to feed the planet with safe and healthy solutions enabling a well balanced agriculture”.

Carlos Ledó, COO of Biocontrol, states “we are very proud and happy to Grupo Agrotecnología on board. Grupo Agrotecnología, under the leadership of the founding Riquelme family, will maintain its independence and will be integral in achieving our goal of becoming a world leader in biocontrol for sustainable agriculture”.

About Rovensa

Rovensa, formerly known as Sapec Agro Business, is an international player in the agricultural industry, with a long history, experience and knowledge in the sector.

In September 2019, Sapec Agro Business was renamed Rovensa, with the aim of creating a prestigious international brand in the agricultural industry. The group is now organised into three main business units: BioNutrition, BioControl and Crop Protection. With offices, factories, research centres and laboratories in Brazil, France, Spain, Portugal and Ireland, Rovensa continuously develops a broad portfolio of innovative solutions for plant health & care.

All companies belonging to Rovensa share synergies and offer a catalogue of complementary products that have the same objective: Well Balanced Agriculture.

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