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» News » Corporate news » Rovensa Next promotes sustainable agriculture at 2023 New AG International Annual

Rovensa Next promotes sustainable agriculture at 2023 New AG International Annual

April 19, 2023  

Over the last few days, agricultural industry leaders, experts, and innovators, gathered in Barcelona at the leading specialty fertiliser and biostimulant conference in Europe, New AG International Annual to talk about industry trends and the latest innovations.

As a leader in shaping a sustainable future for agriculture through science-led innovation, attending this year’s conference was a must for Rovensa Next.  

At Rovensa Next, we are leading the change in agriculture by developing pioneering agricultural inputs that preserve and enhance soil, environmental, and human health. Conferences like New AG International Annual are an amazing forum for us to not only showcase what we have been working on, but also share and learn from other industry professionals to remain at the forefront of the industry and deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet real needs. 

During the congress, the Rovensa Next team was on the ground, diving deep into innovation in fertilisers and plant nutrition, and introducing to conference-goers Rovensa Next’s global portfolio of biosolutions for the full plant lifecycle. This innovative portfolio of agricultural inputs, that provide solutions from seed to harvest, aims to help facilitate the bio-transformation for customers, ultimately helping to shape an overall more sustainable future – a change that is necessary in the sector.  

On behalf of our team of experts, Rovensa Next’s Global Agronomical R&D Manager, Camila Levy, presented the session “BIOTOOL, the innovative tool to evaluate biostimulant performance on water use efficiency (WUE)”, on the second day of the congress.  

Camila Levy, Rovensa Next’s Global Agronomical R&D Manager during the BIOTOOL’S session  


BIOTOOL, a platform to assess the impact of biostimulants on efficient water management 

BIOTOOL is an innovative research project developed by Tradecorp International and Italian research centre Landlab, supported by the Eurostars programme, that responds to a growing global challenge: water. 

The project aims to examine the effect of seaweed-based biostimulants on plants and improve crop yields through efficient water management. To reach these goals, research teams developed the BIOTOOL platform as a tool to study water use efficiency (WUE) under experimental conditions and for real-time evaluation of plant status in suboptimal conditions of water application.  

The platform provides useful information regarding the daily and the total evapotranspiration, providing real-time data per each unit, allowing teams to understand the ability of plants to use water resources in various conditions. Using BIOTOOL, teams have examined how biostimulants can improve the resilience of crops in times of water stress, and how they affect the WUE of the plants. Since beginning the project, the teams have been able to expand the use of the platform to nutrient use efficiency (NUE) studies, with modulation of the fertilisation/fertigation and customisation of nutritional programs. 

During the presentation, Camila Levy indicated that further studies show that “reduction of around 25-40% of water and use of novel biostimulants are effective to maintain plants active with same level of production”. The results reveal that “biostimulants screened and tested in the platform and in greenhouse conditions are getting good performance in the field, elucidating the positive effect of the biostimulants in different environments and confirming that the system provides a good representation of the open-field conditions”. 


Next stop:  BioAg World Congress 

On May 2-5, the 4th BioAg World Congress will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Rovensa Next is the BAW Congress Global Partner. 

An event “by the industry, for the industry” that unites continents, BioAg World Congress is a key global forum that unites the major players in the agricultural industry to address all the opportunities and challenges to come. Rovensa Next experts will be onsite introducing the company’s global portfolio of solutions for bionutrition, biocontrol and crop protection to support the transition towards a more sustainable agriculture. The countdown starts now!