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» News » SDP is building for the future of agriculture 

SDP is building for the future of agriculture 

The first stone of SDP’s new laboratories was laid on Friday February 2021 by Jérémy Dauchin, SDP’s General Manager, and Éric Delhaye, Mayor of the city of Laon. 

This 400  site will enable the company to respond to the industry’s latest challenges. Construction work is scheduled for completion in summer 2021. 

SDP is building a new laboratory space in Laon, which will enable it to provide comprehensive quality control of manufactured products and to develop its specific product portofolio, thus responding to the changes facing the Rovensa group in the challenging agricultural market.

Jérémy Dauchin, SDP’s General Manager, and Éric Delhaye, Mayor of the city of Laon

Jérémy Dauchin, SDP’s General Manager (on the left), and Éric Delhaye, Mayor of the city of Laon


Since SDP became part of Rovensa, a decision was made to bring all SDP’s activities together on one site. The first step was taken at the end of 2019 with the transfer of industrial capacities and equipment from the Pinon site to the Laon site. The second step is to continue to grow and invest in premises and dedicated equipment in order to monitor, evaluate and develop the functionalities of the firm’s products.  

The future building extension will have a general laboratory, a microbiology laboratory, a greenhouse and various experimental areas which will be used by the team of technicians and scientists under the leadership of Cédric Ernenwein, SPD’s R&D Manager.  This project has received the support of the Pays de Laon’s urban community and contributes to boosting the local economy. The inauguration of the new laboratory is scheduled for September 2021.