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» News » Product news » Strawberry harvests treated with biostimulants improve nutritional values, quality and shelf life

Strawberry harvests treated with biostimulants improve nutritional values, quality and shelf life

Tradecorp carried out its trials in strawberry farms with in the province of Huelva (Spain), here, Turbo Root soil activator was applied. This research focused on the effect of the biostimulant and soil activator, Turbo Root for strawberry cultivation. The results have shown that its use favors substance accumulation produced naturally in the fruit, and improves the levels of nutraceutical elements such as polyphenols. This means that strawberries gain more nutritional input. In addition, the use of Turbo Root improves the quality of the fruits while also increasing the productivity and the shelf-life of strawberries, favoring their transport and export.

Tradecorp conducted these tests in various strawberry plantations in Huelva, Spain. It was proven that the use of biostimulants which activate the soil and biostimulate the crop, such as Turbo Root, increase the substance content of antioxidants by 20%. These substances are known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

“These reports show that activating the cultivation soil allows for better plant development while providing fruits that contain a higher content of nutritional values, affecting the health of the consumer,” Daniel Salgado, marketing manager of Tradecorp Nutrition in the Spanish Southern Region. “Our goal is to offer quality plant nutrition; with all the elements it needs for development. Just like humans. With a complete diet, the plant offers better fruits and more nutrients for the human body.”

Quality, productivity and shelf life improvement

Tradecorp’s analysis of crops treated with biostimulants, such as Turbo Root, have revealed their positive impact on product quality, productivity, along with shelf life.

It has achieved a greater root development, a higher ratio between roots and leaves, a larger crown diameter, and a higher crop yield. Root size has increased by 11% and the ratio between root and leaves has been increased by 19%. This ratio is fundamental in moments of full production in which the plant exports nutrients from the root, which causes a root mass loss.

Along with the qualitative parameters, the use of biostimulants in strawberry crops provides fruits with more sugars and greater tissue firmness, a fundamental postharvest value and an important aspect at the time of sale. These studies have also taken into account the commercial life of the treated products which have a potential to increase up to 4%.

“These results allow us to recommend the use of biostimulants throughout the year as they are a contribution that strengthens the plants during the times one needs it the most,” said Daniel Salgado. “In the case of strawberry cultivation, Turbo Root provides plants with a diet that results in fruits with more substance content, favoring human nutrition. In this case, polyphenols and other antioxidant substances are what add value for the final consumer.”