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ROVENSA becomes global leader in BioSolutions through the integration of COSMOCEL

ROVENSA, a global leader of agricultural inputs for sustainable agriculture, has announced that it has agreed to integrate COSMOCEL, a leading player in specialty biostimulants and high-tech products for agriculture. The completion of the integration is subject to approval by the anti-trust authorities.

Exploring heat stress in crops with Prof. Antonio Ferrante and Dr. Giacomo Cocetta, from the University of Milan

Recently Tradecorp released some of the new insights obtained from the heat stress research programme being conducted in collaboration with the University of Milan. Today, we are speaking to Associate Professor, Prof. Antonio Ferrante and Assistant Professor, Dr. Giacomo Cocetta, who will give us their expert opinion and initial interpretations from the significance of the […]

Camila Levy, R&D Manager, speaks about the collaborative research projects between Tradecorp and Landlab

Tradecorp recently released an infrared timelapse video that shows the “invisible” abiotic stresses caused by drought. This video was the result of a long standing collaboration between Tradecorp and Landlab, a leading Italian agricultural research centre.