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José Nolasco, Head of R&D at Tradecorp International, re-elected to the EBIC Board

In November, our Head of R&D, José Nolasco, was re-elected to the European Biostimulants Industry Council (EBIC) board. We sat down with him to get his thoughts on the re-election, the implementation of the new EU Fertilising Products Regulation, and the future of biostimulants and our industry.

Tradecorp, gold sponsor of Farm to Fork Europe 

Tradecorp is a gold sponsor of the Farm to Fork Europe conference entitled “Emerging opportunities and trends in european agri-food & the role of biostimulants in the next-gen food chain.”  

Carlos Repiso now heads EBIC’s Agricultural Committee (AgCom)

The EBIC board appointed Carlos Repiso, Biostimulation R&D Coordinator at Tradecorp, to head the Agricultural Committee (AgCom) recently.

Tradecorp and AlgaEnergy assume the Secretariat position of the EBIC working group Task Force Spain

As of October 2018, Tradecorp and AlgaEnergy coordinate the working group that represents Spanish companies in the European Biostimulants Industry Council (EBIC).

Irene Sobrado, European Regulatory Affairs Manager in Tradecorp, appointed as the new leader of the Inorganic Substances Task Force (TFIO) in EBIC

As the new appointee to chair the Inorganic Substances Task Force, Irene Sobrado will work to secure an appropriate European legal framework for inorganic plant biostimulant products, principally with phosphites.

Pilar Gallego, Global Regulatory Affairs Director at Tradecorp: “Any action, project or contribution on our behalf in EBIC is strategic and could mark our future in the biostimulants market”

We talk with Pilar Gallego, Global Regulatory Affairs Director at Tradecorp since 2004. Throughout her long career at Tradecorp, Gallego has experienced firsthand the evolution of Tradecorp, which has gone from being a small Spanish company to being one of the great players in the plant nutrition market on a global scale.

Tradecorp presents its plan of compliance with the Code of Conduct of EBIC

This compliance plan aims to ensure the integration of Code of Conduct of EBIC in the strategy and commitments of the company.

Nicolas Lindemann, executive director in Tradecorp, appointed head of the Task Force on Salts, Minerals and Chemicals in EBIC

At the EBIC General Assembly held in Dublin on 1 July 2014, EBIC’s members renewed the association’s board of directors.

Tradecorp signs EBIC Code of Conduct for Placing Plant Biostimulants on the Market

To help increase clarity in the marketplace for users, producers and consumers, the European Biostimulant Industry Council (EBIC) has developed a Code of Conduct for Placing Plant Biostimulants on the Market.