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Millennials and Generation Z, the shift towards responsible consumption of organic products  

Commemorating the celebration this week of Youth Day, on August 12, the new generations, made up of millennials and Generation Z, are committed to sustainability, ecology and the environment, advocating for the fight against climate change and demanding solutions to the climate crisis of power.

Tradecorp pushes for organic: 47 products approved by Ecocert in 2021 

Tradecorp continues to demonstrate its commitment to environmental sustainability and organic agriculture.

49 Tradecorp products authorised by Ecocert for Organic Agriculture in 2020

The list includes many of Tradecorp’s main products. Some of them, such as Phylgreen and Delfan Plus V, maintain their approved status, while new products, such as IsliFe 8.2, join the list for the first time.

Ecocert approves over 50 Tradecorp products for organic agriculture in 2019

More than ever, there is a market trend steering towards products and solutions that are organic, and environmentally friendly.

50 Tradecorp products approved for Organic Agriculture by Ecocert in 2017

The list includes some of our most relevant products and new products that have been launched in the past few years.

47 Tradecorp products approved for Organic Agriculture by Ecocert in 2016

Some of the most relevant Tradecorp products have been verified and approved by Ecocert to be used in Organic Agriculture.

Tradecorp expands its OMRI product portfolio with Humistar WG certification

This product joins Humistar and Phylgreen, which were already included in the list of products authorised for Organic Agriculture by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).