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71.5 million hectares of organic production around the world

Australia, Argentina and China have the largest number of hectares used for organic crops Organic production around the world is experiencing sustained growth, especially in the second decade of the 21st century.

Relive the IsliFe Innovation Forum with the making-of video

Now you can relive the IsliFe Innovation Forum, with the making-of video.

Tradecorp, fully REACH compliant

Tradecorp has taken all the needed actions to comply with the three deadlines established by REACH. As of May 31st, the last deadline established by the regulation, all of our substances have been registered and Tradecorp is fully compliant with REACH.

Tradecorp sponsors again the car 25 at the Rhino Charge, the fundraising event for the conservation of Kenya’s Aberdare Ecosystem

Tradecorp sponsored the team “The Charging Hippos”, the team of Oserian Flowers, to participate in this competition that associates motorsport with a good cause: raising funds for the conservation of ecosystems in Kenya.

Pilar Gallego, Global Regulatory Affairs Director at Tradecorp: “Any action, project or contribution on our behalf in EBIC is strategic and could mark our future in the biostimulants market”

We talk with Pilar Gallego, Global Regulatory Affairs Director at Tradecorp since 2004. Throughout her long career at Tradecorp, Gallego has experienced firsthand the evolution of Tradecorp, which has gone from being a small Spanish company to being one of the great players in the plant nutrition market on a global scale.

Global Compact: Tradecop’s Communication on Progress 2016 is now available!

Once again, this year we present our Communication on Progress for 2016, maintaining the commitment we made when joining the Global Compact.

New Packaging for Tradecorp’s Solid Products

Tradecorp has made a significant investment in its Sanchidrián factory (Ávila, España) to incorporate a new packaging system with several advantages, such as an improved image for the bags for the solid products and the possibility of a new packaging of 500 g.

Tradecorp factory in Albacete reduces its water dumps by -56%

This figure was reached thanks to the investment carried out during 2014 for the installation of a new, highly innovative water treatment system.

Tradecorp extends its Sanchidrián factory

The new Sanchidrián industrial unit will allow to increase Tradecorp’s storage capacity, as well as the installation of a new packer for the solid product range.

47 Tradecorp products approved for Organic Agriculture by Ecocert in 2016

Some of the most relevant Tradecorp products have been verified and approved by Ecocert to be used in Organic Agriculture.