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Tradecorp / Sapec Agro Business acquires French company SDP, entering the adjuvant sector and strengthening its position in specialty crop nutrition across various markets

Sapec Agro Business announces the acquisition of French company SDP, through its subsidiary Tradecorp.

Tradecorp upgrades and expands its facilities for the synthesis of EDDHA in Spain

The renovations of the Ávila facilities (Spain) will allow Tradecorp to increase its synthesis of EDDHA by more than 30%, with the environmental objective to reduce energy consumption.

We spoke with Jorge Barbero, head of Quality Control at the Albacete factory, on the remodeling and expansion of the laboratory

Hand in hand with the growth of Tradecorp, renovations to enlarge the space and capacity of the laboratory of the factory in Albacete were completed in the beginning of March.

New Packaging for Tradecorp’s Solid Products

Tradecorp has made a significant investment in its Sanchidrián factory (Ávila, España) to incorporate a new packaging system with several advantages, such as an improved image for the bags for the solid products and the possibility of a new packaging of 500 g.

New corporate video: The five pillars of Tradecorp

Tradecorp releases a new corporate video in which the 5 pillars of the company’s success are explained: Innovation & product positioning; Versatile factories; Boots on the ground; Quality & efficiency; Commitment to sustainability. From a local Spanish company to a benchmark in the global chelate, biostimulant and specialty nutrition market. This is the success story […]

Tradecorp factory in Albacete reduces its water dumps by -56%

This figure was reached thanks to the investment carried out during 2014 for the installation of a new, highly innovative water treatment system.

Tradecorp extends its Sanchidrián factory

The new Sanchidrián industrial unit will allow to increase Tradecorp’s storage capacity, as well as the installation of a new packer for the solid product range.

Clients from France visit the factory in Ireland

At the end of May, several of our clients from the South France travelled to the Northwest coast of Ireland to learn how Phylgreen is manufactured. The participants had the opportunity to learn how the Phylgreen range products are produced step by step.

The Irish company OGT, specialist in harvesting and processing of seaweed, becomes part of Tradecorp

The acquisition will give Tradecorp preferential access to top quality raw material which will strengthen and increase Tradecorp’s biostimulants range.

Tradecorp remodels its factory in Albacete, Spain

In line with the growth and new challenges the company faces, Tradecorp launched in 2013 an extensive program of investments to improve the facilities of our production plants. With these investments, we seek to respond to an ever-increasing demand of our products, while improving our ability to provide more complex solutions with higher quality.