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Good nutrition can break the vicious cycle of poverty and malnutrition in a single generation, according to UNICEF

World Children’s Day is celebrated every year on 20 November to mark the anniversary of the publication of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959 and the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989.

Global Compact: Tradecop’s Communication on Progress 2016 is now available!

Once again, this year we present our Communication on Progress for 2016, maintaining the commitment we made when joining the Global Compact.

Tradecorp renews its agreement with UNICEF for the “Multiply for Childhood”

The renewal of this partnership agreement will allow us to continue to focus on UNICEF’s work on the Schools for Africa project, which provides better education opportunities and services such as water, health and food to children in 13 African countries.

Tradecorp collaborates in Pyfano charity lunch to fight childhood cancer

Tradecorp collaborates in the charity lunch organized by the PYFANO Association (Parents, Relatives, and Friends of Children with Cancer of Castilla y León) to raise funds for the fight against childhood cancer.

Tradecorp, a company committed to the plight of refugees

Tradecorp has recently donated €2,916 to the Spanish Comittee for UNHCR, the United Nations Agency that directs and coordinates international action for the protection of refugees worldwide.

The Tradecorp team attends a UNICEF talk on the “Multiply for Childhood” programme

Part of the Madrid, Labs and Factories teams celebrated its Different and Responsible Day.

Tradecorp collaborates in the charity run “El cáncer también es cosa de niños”

The charity run, which will take place on 7 May in Arévalo (Ávila, Spain), is being organised by the athletics section of the Arévalo C.F. Sports Club and the PYFANO Association (Association of Parents, Relations and Friends of Children with Cancer in Castilla y León, Spain).

Global Compact: Tradecorp presents its Communication on Progress 2015

Following the commitment we acquired when joining the Global Compact, we present now our Communication on Progress for 2015. In this report, we explain the main features of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy and describe the main actions that have been carried out in 2015 in relation to the 10 principles in the Global Compact […]

Tradecorp joins UNICEF program “Multiply for Children”

Tradecorp has recently signed a cooperation agreement with UNICEF, whereby we join the “Multiply for Children” initiative. Through our commitment, we will contribute to the Schools for Africa project.

Tradecorp’s support for Unicef will help to treat more than 1,500 severely malnourished children

Thanks to the participation of our company’s team, collaborators, clients and suppliers in our campaign “Tradecorp wants to help less fortunate children grow”, we have made a donation to Unicef that will help to treat more than 1,500 severely malnourished children for a day.