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ROVENSA becomes global leader in BioSolutions through the integration of COSMOCEL

ROVENSA, a global leader of agricultural inputs for sustainable agriculture, has announced that it has agreed to integrate COSMOCEL, a leading player in specialty biostimulants and high-tech products for agriculture. The completion of the integration is subject to approval by the anti-trust authorities.

Tradecorp launches new corporate campaign “The answers lie in our hands” to propel innovative solutions in biostimulation and sustainable crop nutrition

Tradecorp, a global company specialized in biostimulation and sustainable crop nutrition, launches The answers lie in our hands, a corporate campaign aimed  to face global challenges, to transform food production through a sustainable improvement of agriculture by collaborating to eradicate hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition worldwide. Product innovation, collaboration and digitalization are central […]

Biotool, Tradecorp’s innovative research project latest updates

Global R&D and Chemical Development departments received the visit of the Technical Auditor of CDTI and the consultants for the follow-up and justification of the activities of the 2nd milestone of BIOTOOL.   

Industry experts share insights about the “Innovation in agricultural products as part of the sustainability”

Tradecorp held the IsliFe Innovation Forum, where the company launched IsliFe 8.2, its latest innovative iron chelate.

Juan Antonio Benavente will speak about abiotic stress at Argus Added Value Fertilizers Asia 2018

Juan Antonio Benavente, Business Manager for Tradecorp APAC (Asia-Pacific), will present “The Use of Biostimulants in the Fight Against Abiotic Stress” at 15:30 on April 11 at Argus Added Value Fertilizers Asia 2018. 

Dr. Thomas Fleming (Queen’s University Belfast): “Understanding the mode of action of biostimulants is critical to producing good customer advice and developing more effective formulations”

We talk with Dr Thomas Fleming, postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Global Food Security at Queen’s University Belfast (Northern Ireland), about Tradecorp’s research in collaboration with Queen’s University Belfast (Northern Ireland) to analyse the performance and mode of action of different types of biostimulants. 

Presentation of the results from the study on the effect of biostimulants under situations of abiotic stress at the 3rd Biostimulants World Congress

The study analyses in depth the performance and mode of action of different types of biostimulants when applied before, during and after abiotic stress. 

Sapec Agro Business sponsors the Agri Innovation Summit 2017

The Agri Innovation Summit 2017 will take place in Lisbon (Portugal) from 11-12 October 2017. It is a joint initiative between the Portuguese Government, European Network for Rural Development, and many other entities related to the sector.

New Investigations on the Phylgreen range in collaboration with Queen’s University

The prestigious Queen’s University (Belfast, North Ireland) has recently finished the first phase of a new study on the Phylgreen range, specifically on the performance of the extract of the seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum against abiotic stress in plants.

Get to Know the Online Communication Practices of the Crop Nutrition and Protection Sector

Based on an in-depth qualitative and quantitative study about the crop nutrition and protection sector, performed by an external consultant, Tradecorp launches the infographics, Communication and Digital Strategies in Nutrition and Protection of Crops.