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Top quality potassium means top quality harvest

High quality Potassium is essential to achieve best results in fruit quality. As all sources of Potassium are not the same, Tradecorp launched “K, the Key for Quality”, a campaign aimed at promoting effective Potassium options and solutions, as well as explaining the importance of this macro nutrient in crop nutrition.

How to maximise foliar Potassium uptake in your crop

There is a difference between simply spraying Potassium on your crop and knowing that the Potassium has been actually absorbed into your crop.

Final K: Higher absorption, higher yield, and higher profitability

Many Potassium fertiliser formulations dry quickly and leave unabsorbed Potassium on the leaf. Not Final K!

Happy 2K19! Tradecorp’s year of Potassium

Tradecorp wishes you a successful 2K19, Tradecorp’s year of Potassium.

New Trafos video, the Tradecorp range rich in phosphorus and potassium in highly soluble and efficient forms

This range provides positive effects on plant and root development, improving the plant growth and enhancing the yield and fruit quality. In addition, products in Trafos range are enriched with nutrients (Cu, Mg, Mn, B, Mo, Zn, Ca and Si) to guarantee maximum crop quality.