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Interview with Nicolas Lindemann, Tradecorp’s Executive Director

Nicolas Lindemann, Executive Director at Tradecorp, spoke about the increasing importance for biostimulants in the world today, as challenges such as decreasing water quality climate change continue to affect crop output. 

Tradecorp’s Technical Seminar with Agrifort Technologies in India

Tradecorp continued its market development and penetration in India with an event, held at Rudrapur in Uttarakhand state in Northern India. This brought together 30 participants from Agrifort Technologies, who had the opportunity of learning about Tradecorp and our differentiated range of products.

Camila Levy, R&D Manager at Tradecorp, explains the priming vs curative effects of biostimulants against abiotic stress at the New Ag Conference in Berlin

From the 15th to the 17th of March, Tradecorp was present as an exhibitor at this year’s edition of the New Ag International exhibition in Berlin, Germany.

Tradecorp Spain celebrates its first Master Class about olive trees

The Master Class about olive trees took place in the Institute of Agrarian Training and Fisheries of Andalusia (IFAPA), in its center in Alameda del Obispo in Córdoba.

Tradecorp Brazil sponsors lectures on Physiological Management with Prof. José Nolasco, International Director of R&D and Marketing

This September, Tradecorp Brazil held a “Road Show”, at which the theme was “Physiological Management in Relieving the Stress of Agricultural Production”.

Tradecorp Europe, Partner in the “Seeds to Feed Ethiopia” Project

Tradecorp Europe has been elected to participate in the project “Seeds to Feed Ethiopia”, organized by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.